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Mathcad Tip

  • The Insert key flips the vertical bar to either side of the horizontal line.
  • Access a hidden menu in Mathcad 11 and 12 with Ctrl+Shift+W
  • The same mathematical operation via different operators can sometimes give different results.  For example 

 The nth root operator gives a real answer, while the power operator sweeps an Argand diagram counterclockwise and gives the first result it hits 

VisSim Tip

  • Set the properties of Signal Producer blocks by defining a variable in the main worksheet.  The value of the variable can be defined using a slider or a push button, thus making it easier to vary during simulation
  • Distribute VisSim worksheets with the run-time only VisSim viewer.  Get it here

Maple Tip

  • CTRL+J and CTRL+K are your friends! Rember these keyboard shortcuts! They insert new lines before and after your currerntly selected line

Excel Tip

  • Within the Excel environment, unary negation binds more tightly than exponentation.  However, this is vice-versa in Mathcad, Maple, Matlab and almost anything else!
  • It's trivially easy to demontrates the effect of floating point error in Excel.  Simply enter =(0.3-0.1-0.1-0.1)  in a cell.  You'll get a number that's in the order of 10E-17.  Also try the previous operation without brackets, i.e. =0.3-0.1-0.1-0.1 and note the difference.  Why is this?