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Interacting Tank Reservoirs

This Mathcad 11 worksheet models the training of one tank into another via a connected pipe.  A momemtum balance predicts that the liquid level in each tank is oscillatory, with the flow damped by the effect of friction. 

Centrifual Pumps in Parallel

Modeling centrifugal pumps in parallel by summing flowrate at the equivalent head.  This is a PDF of a Mathcad 11 worksheet.

Two-Phase Pressure Drop

Modeling the two-phase pressure drop of fluid flow in a pipe  with the Lockhart-Martinelli parameters.  This is a PDF of a Mathcad 11 worksheet.

Spray Dyeing

A model of a spray dyeing process.  Cloth wrapped around rotating spindles with nozzles oscillating laterally across width of cloth spraying dye onto it (interesting visuallisation of the process.)  Spray Dyeing Process - Mathcad 11 worksheet

Empirical Equations

 Empirical equations are dimensionally inconsistent and contain "magic" numbers that pop up out of nowhere.  With a simple deterministic modification they're pretty easy to implement in a dimensionally consistent, dimensionally aware package like Mathcad. This download is a Mathcad 2001i worksheet.

2D Linear Interpolation

Perfect if you're working with enthalpy-temperature-pressure tables.  2D Linear Interpolation - Mathcad 11 worksheet

VisSim worksheets


Animation and simulation of a mass-spring-pendulum system.  These are typically used to attenuate the vibration in large buildings Mass-Spring Pendulum -VisSim worksheet

PID Control Loop

Modeling a PID control loop.  This simulation also shows you how to optimise controller gains to attenuate overshoot and minimise rise time Optimize PID Controller Gains - VisSim worksheet