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Principal Component Analysis

This Mathcad 11 worksheet demonstrates the principal component analysis of multidimensional data. You can enter multidimensional data, calculate the principal components, discard the least significant components and reconstruct the simplified data set. 

Linear, Cubic & Parabolic Splines

This Mathcad 11 worksheet contains algorithms that define the structure of linear, cubic and parabolic splines.

Maximum Likelihood Regression

In this Mathcad 11 worksheet, I've generated a random data set according to a one-parameter Weibull distribution, and then backsolved for the shape parameter by maximising the likelihood function. I've then plotted the predicted distribution against a histogram of the data

Monte-Carlo Integration

In this Mathcad 11 worksheet I've implemented a Monte-Carlo integration scheme for an arbitrary one-dimensional function. The results are compared with Mathcad's own numerical integration routines. 

Linear Equations

This Mathcad 11 worksheet demonstrates how to solve systems of linear equations. It also demontrates the least-squares solution to an overdetermined system, and the minimum-norm solution of an underdetermined system.