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 Modern maths and simulation tools deliver more computing power to engineers, scientists and mathematicians than ever before.  In this webpage I intend to diseminate some of my worksheets for these packages  

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This website features free Mathcad, Maple and VisSim worksheets covering a wide range of applications. Highlights include Mathcad worksheets to calculate the flow of centrifugal pumps in parallel, the principal component analysis of multidimensional data, and the pressure drop of a two-phase fluid in a pipe.

If you're a financial mathematician you'll also find worksheets for Markowitz optimization, plotting the Efficient Frontier and calculating the Sharpe and Sortino Ratio in the Financial Modeling section

Use the links on the left to navigate between worksheets for engineering, worksheets for maths and worksheets for financial modelling.

The most-recently added worksheet demonstrates the solution of a three degree of freedom multibody system.

Thought of the Day

I find the interaction between a user and maths & simulation software fascinating. Once a user is sufficiently skilled, their thinking and thought processes are shaped by the package they are most familar in. I for example think in terms of Mathcad, while a friend thinks in terms of Matlab.