Turn Shadows Off

This is a new one to me, but it has become incredibly useful. A complex object that does not need to cast shadows will process and render much more quickly. The main reason this has been useful is to prevent shadows from muddying up a rendered or BIMx view. I often find that elements in ARCHICAD Cinerender often produce better results if they are seen in a reflection without a shadow..

FIG. 9.0a Shadow On

FIG. 9.0b Shadow Off

The script for turning shadows off is very simple, SHADOW OFF. A quick parameter and two lines of script create a toggle for turning shadows on and off.

Step 1: Create a new boolean parameter ShadeControl

FIG. 9.1 Boolean Parameter for Shadow Control

Step 2: In the 3d Script, type two lines of script for turning shadows on/off.

IF ShadeControl = 0 THEN SHADOW OFF

IF ShadeControl = 1 THEN SHADOW ON

FIG. 9.2 3d Script Control for Shadows On/Of