Add a 3d Hotspot

At times, the default 9 hotspots created in 3d to define an element's extents and center are not sufficient for accurate placement, annotation or dimensioning. One of the most common examples of this is plumbing or lighting fixtures. Depending on the design, they may require additional hotspots to properly locate on the wall, counter, deck, ceiling, etc.

There are two ways to approach this; either save the hotspot(s) with the object or add them to the 3d script after the object has been created. Both options require a precise location of model elements that need to be saved relative to 0,0,0.

Option 1: To save an object with additional 3d hotspots already included:

Step 1: Place the elements to be saved as an object at a level (z distance) to project zero relative to the height of the hotspots. This means you will only have one additional level of hotspots, so if hotspots need to “stack” option 2 should be used.

FIG. 7.1a

Step 2: Place hotspots in plan view where additional snap points will be located. In this example I have them placed on the center of the valve stems and the center of the faucet.

FIG. 7.2a

Step 3: Save the elements from plan view, with hotspots included, as described in the Save elements to GDL section.

FIG. 7.3a

Option 2: To add hotspots after an object has been created:

Step 1: In the 3d window, isolate the original model content at its exact location it was saved to GDL from. Using the measure tool, measure the exact x,y,z dimensions for the hotspot locations relative to project 0,0,0. Write these numbers down for reference.

FIG. 7.1b

Step 2: Open the previously saved object. Open the 3d script tab.

FIG. 7.2b

Step 3: At or near the top of the 3d script add hot spots using the dimensions previously taken. The script for a 3d hotspot is simply HOTSPOT x, y, z. Use Feet and Inches (assuming the template/project is imperial) with a dash separating feet from inches and a space to separate whole from fraction inches. A comma is placed after each dimension.

Example: HOTSPOT 1’, 2’-6”, 0’-8 ½”