Make an Object Non-stretchable

For non-generic or manufacturer's specific objects that will not be resizable, simply removing the MUL lines from the 2d and 3d scripts will lock the script to its original size. This is helpful to prevent objects from being resized, so they no longer match manufacturer's specifications.

Where a manufacturer offers a range of sizes, I often save each option as a separate object and combine their scripts into a single object with a parameter control.

Step 1: Open the object’s 2d & 3d script windows. Select the lines Mulx, Muly and Mulz and void them by adding a (!) to the front of the line.

FIG. 8.1 Default Mul Script Lines Void with “!”

Step 2: In the Parameters tab, remove the X, Y and ZZYZX from the list of available parameters by selecting the “X” symbol in the display column.

FIG. 8.2 Display for Dimension Variables Off