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Latest Newsletter - November 2018

We now have a WiFi connection, keep an eye out for 
BYOD Meetings
(Bring Your Own Device).

Meeting Attendees
Please note that as the Senior Citizens 
hall has had a new floor installed there is 
a total ban on high heels.

Convenors Corner - November 2018

I missed Danielle Carter's talk on the Maritime Museum but I believe people were surprised at what was held there. 
I hope to go and have a look. 

I was in Dannevirke for my cousin's 75th birthday and while I was there we went to install a memorial cross for my great-grandfather's 2nd wife that we had discovered last year was buried in the Old Settler's Cemetery.
Unfortunately, although we were sure where she was buried we found another person's memorial in her plot!, further investigation at the Council and then the local museum who had the original burial records revealed that 4 people who died a month apart were recorded as being buried in 3 plots and the map was not very clear as to which plot was which. So we went and believe we know where we should put her cross but as the man responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery was away we could not finalise it! 
Poor Sarah Annie. I left my cousin to sort it out.

I attended the evening meeting at which Ian Winkel showed us a number of websites that provided genealogical information for free.
Of particular 
interest to some was the Irish website Irish Genealogy which is maintained by the Irish government. 
A number of attendees sought information from it and some of the other sites. Thank you, Ian.

Last Saturday I attended the Auckland Regional Meeting of NZSG. 
There was a good attendance and many representatives were anxious to hear from the Council representative Mary Shadbolt the latest on the staffing situation. 
The unexpected resignations of both the Membership officer and the Library Supervisor have placed a heavy burden on the Manager, other staff and volunteers. 
As the NZSG is in the middle of a huge technological reorganisation, the Council has decided to appoint temporary replacements until the full effect of the changes have been analysed. 
They are also looking for a temporary replacement webmaster as Tracey Little has stood down from this voluntary position. 
The councillor responsible for technology Bruce Holm has been elected vice-chair of the Council. 
We were reminded that the latest changes to the rules have to be approved by the branch at a special general meeting to comply with the charities commission requirements.

Hope to see you at the November's meeting as I am the speaker!

Wishing you happy and successful research