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Here is an easy method to create a Phantogram in Photoshop.
A Phantogram is an image having the form but not the substance of the real thing.
It is stereo anamorposis. The image on the print is distorted so that it looks normal when viewed from the proper angle.
This causes a very striking illusion of an object actually sitting on the table in front of you, but it is only a stereo photo. 

Take a stereo photo of an object with the stereo camera at approximately the angle and viewing distance that the observer will
use when viewing the Phantogram.

Include a reference plane in your photo.  This can be as simple as a piece of paper. You want a reference of the plane that defines the surface of the table that will be used to support the print. 

Make sure that you note the aspect ratio of the reference plane.  If you used a standard sheet of paper you know that that aspect ratio is 8.5X11.   You will need to know this aspect ratio when you use Photoshop to distort your image so that is can be properly viewed from the same angle that was used to take the picture.

In this example, we have taken a stereo photo at a 45 degree angle, because we want the viewer to view a print, laying on a table, at an angle of 45 degrees.  Note that we use the standard interaxial distance. Do not decrease the interaxial, as you would to make a macro stereo photo. We need the cameras separated by the average eye separation distance or you will introduce unwanted distortion.

This tutorial will show you how to process your images using Photoshop: