Workshop on non-market valuation

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The next edition will be organized in Marseille on 24/25 June 2019, juste before EAERE annual event.

About WONV

The main objectives of WONV are (i) to provide a forum for dissemination of high quality papers which present recent developments in theoretical and empirical analysis in the field of non-market valuation (environment, agriculture, health, transportation, education, etc...) and (ii) create a network of researchers (including worldwide experts). Collaboration with academic journals is encouraged (special issues). In 2018, WONV was arranged in collaboration with the Ulvön conference. Invited speakers were Wiktor ADAMOWICZ (University of Alberta, Canada), Anna ALBERINI (University of Maryland, USA) and Mikolaj CZAJKOWSKI (University of Warsaw, Poland).

Winners of the best paper award for early stage researchers.

2018: Victor CHAMPONNOIS (AMSE, Marseille) will be invited to present a paper in TU Delf .

2017: Erlend DANCKE SANDORF (CERE, sweden) was invited to present a paper in LEMNA.

2016: Adan MARTINEZ-CRUZ (ETH Zurich) was invited to present a paper in CERE.

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