Ulvön, 19th-21st of June, 2018

In colloboration with 25th Ulvön conference on Environmental Economics

In 2018, WONV is arranged in collaboration with the Ulvön conference. The Ulvön conference is a forum for dissemination of high quality research in the field of environmental and natural resource economics. The Ulvön conference provides a great opportunity for PhD students and senior economists to build network and interact with leading researchers in their field.

Invited speakers

Wiktor ADAMOWICZ (University of Alberta, Canada)

Anna ALBERINI (University of Maryland, USA)

Mikolaj CZAJKOWSKI (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Local scientific and organisation committee

Thomas BROBERG (CERE, Sweden)

Tommy LUNDGREN (CERE, Sweden)

Lars PERSSON (CERE, Sweden)

Program: here