Issue 8, Winter 2015-16

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Panels Unravelled, Cartoons Exhumed

Issue 8, Winter 2015-16

 Your dear editor turns the spotlight on longtime contributor Hyer. 
Supposedly cool people the world over may never look upon him the same way again...

And while focussed on the elusive Gen Y'er, Mr. Watkins examines his latest collection...

Mr. Tolworthy looks back fondly on the days when Marvel's flagship title took place in the now
and plots its downward course as it adjusted to the dubious attributes of 'Marvel time'...

On a roll, Mr. Tolworthy peers into the darker details of Marvel's tedious timeline, and calls for a return to chronological realism...

Our resident Retroblaster, on the other hand, thinks there's maybe a little too much 'realism' in superhero movies these days...
A lifelong Peanuts fan, the editor offers up his opinion on the franchise's first feature-length film in 35 years. 
Die-hard traditionalists may be surprised...

Brief bios with pics


The Funnies

Dennis Hyer's Inhuman Relations (14 installments), Gordon Lindholm's Luna Lesser (2 installments),
Bill Harvey's The Odds (3 installments), Randall Hugh Crawford's Postmodern Iron Man
Grant Snider's Incidental Comics (2 installments), Jessica TremblayOld Pond Comics (6 installments)

Inhuman Relations by Dennis Hyer

Luna Lesser by Gordon Lindholm

The ODDs
by Bill Harvey

Luna Lesser by Gordon Lindholm

The ODDs by Bill Harvey

Postmodern Iron Man by Randall Hugh Crawford

The ODDs by Bill Harvey

Incidental Comics by Grant Snider