(photo credit: Jeff Prine/ OIST)

Nobuaki Mizumoto, Ph.D.

水元 惟暁


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JSPS Research Fellow (CPD)

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)

E-mail: nobuaki.mzmt(at)gmail.com

Twitter: @nobuaki.MZMT


2022.5.13 Seminar at Nagasaki University

2022.5.11-12 Fieldwork at Nagasaki

2022.5.4 Field collection of alates, Reticulitermes speratus (Fukui/Ishikawa, Japan)

2022.4.26 Gave a talk at NIBB行動学研究会 link

2022.4.25 Swarming of Pericapritermes nitobei (Motobu, Okinawa, Japan)

2022.4.19 Coauthored paper accepted in Scientific Reports (Coptotermes task allocation) 10.1038/s41598-022-11512-1

2022.4.18 プレスリリース:シロアリの巣に住む昆虫の進化を促すものは何か? Yamagata Univ. OIST

2022.4.5-6 Field collection, Zootermopsis nevadensis (Hyogo, Japan)

2022.4.4 New review paper in Japanese at OR機関紙 https://orsj.org/?p=4272

2022.3.28 New paper is online! (evolution of termitophily and termite nesting) 10.1111/evo.14457

2022.3.19 ファンダメンタルズ フェスmini 座談会 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRq_BKejdAQ)

2022.3.15 Poster presentation at ESJ69 (https://esj.ne.jp/meeting/abst/69/P2-037.html)

2022.3.11 Coauthored paper accepted in Molecular Biology and Evolution (Kalotermitidae phylogeny) (online 5.19 10.1093/molbev/msac093)

2022.2.4 Paper accepted in Evolution (evolution of termitophily and termite nesting)

2022.1.24 Teach a course as a guest lecture at the University of Ryukyus (Basic Entomology)

2022.1.13 Working from home for two weeks

2022.1.13 See the press release for our body size evolution paper (link)

2022.1.12 Gave a talk at ICMMA2021 as an invited speaker


2021.12 Coauthored paper published in PNAS (https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2009533118)

2021.11 Paper published in Proceedings B (The evolution of body size in termites).

2021.10 Gave a talk at EU-IUSSI online symposium series (https://eu-iussi2020.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/32)

2021.9 Coauthored preprint on Kalotermitidae phylogeny is out at bioRxiv

2021.9 Participate in Japan Ethology Meeting. Present a poster, organized a symposium (Art X Ethology), give a talk in a symposium (self-organization).

2021.9 We will host a seminar series Japan Eco-Evo English Seminar on a monthly basis (https://sites.google.com/view/jee-english-seminar)

2021.8 Receive grant, The Motoo Kimura Trust Foundation for the Promotion of Evolutionary Biology, for Japan Eco-Evo English Seminar.

2021.7 Present at OIST Internal Seminar

2021.7 Paper published in Proceedings B (complementary behavioral coordination in Coptotermes termite tandem)

2021.6 Present/Comment at artist/scientist interaction event, ファンダメンタルズバザール

2021.6 Present at DARS-SWARM 2021 (online)

2021.5 Present at Termite Reading Group (online)

2021.4 Awarded KAKENHI grant (Early-Career)

2021.4 Start updating the news