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Welcome to my site, here you will be able to find everything about my chess life, teaching and playing!

A huge development that takes up most of my time lately is the Canada Chess Youth Club which I started in Sept 2016 which now has over 1000 students with classes for all levels! We've even included other subjects such as Public Speaking, History, French, and Mandarin due to popular demand which are meant to prepare kids for their school courses. Our courses are currently online and will be staying that way for a while. More info at

Feel free to email or call for more details.

This year our camps were held online and brought peace to many parents, knowing that their kids were in good hands. We're hoping to do something similar in the year ahead until the virus issue is resolved.

I'm also finishing up my online video courses for all levels, take a look!

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You can find details about my past and upcoming chess camps at:

So what do I actually teach in my classes? I like to say that I show how to read minds and look into the future (also known as seeing what your opponent is planning and calculating variations) but there's much more to it. I think of what I would've liked to know at the level and age of the student, and try to communicate it in an entertaining fashion. Also, the current goal for me as a player is to become an FM before graduating (done!), and an IM before I retire :) to reach it, I'll be playing in 5-10 tournaments a year, depending on workload.