Available for group and private lessons!

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 7:54:25 AM

Private chess lessons with national master Mike Ivanov!

Ever since I was a little boy who had just learned how the pieces moved, I always wanted the perfect chess teacher. Someone who would understand how I feel about the game and what my goals are. Someone who would see what I needed to improve on and help me get there, while having fun. Someone who would help me get to the top, as any kid who plays chess dreams of becoming a champion some day. Now, 16 years and a few excellent teachers later, I'm beginning to take on this role myself, already having 6 years of experience teaching privately as well as for organizations such as Chess 'n math and Knights of chess.

Try taking private lessons with me and I promise your child will enjoy it!

-I will work with anyone on any level, starting from the basic rules to about 2000 CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) rating

-I charge a reasonable 50$ an hour which includes free consultation, just email or call me if you have any questions!

-Above all, I’ll make sure your kid has fun and will be able to use the lessons he learned in chess throughout his life!

For any questions, email me at mishivanov@gmail.com or call at 647-991-7994