Contact me directly for information on how I will provide solution focused Hypnotherapy, NLP as well as providing Coaching sessions.

There are other specific products available such as the NLP Fast Phobia Cure which I combine with Hypnotherapy ( 3 sessions in total).

I am qualified to deliver fully accredited INLPTA Diploma,Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses as well as bespoke training,learning and facilitation. Certificates are issued via INLPTA and printed with your name and official seal/serial number.

I will help you find out what it is you want! and how to get it.

What would you do if you realised you could do anything you want?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combined with coaching can help you get to the peak of your sports or other professional performance. 1-1 sessions backed up with audio download support between sessions. Tailoring the support to meet your exact needs.

Bespoke NLP and Hypnosis downloads available subject to your requirements.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and get testimonials

Great rates for up front multiple bookings..