NLP Modelling

I can help you learn new skills, techniques and develop fantastic performance in whatever area you are passionate about?

This type of modelling has been used successfully in business, performance and sports such as Rugby,Swimming,Tennis and Golf, to name but a few.

Modelling techniques have been utilised by the USA

Olympic team and American Navy to massively increase individual and team performance.

Modelling in NLP is the process of adopting the behaviors, language, strategies and beliefs of another in order to build a model of what they do.

We know that our modelling has been successful when we can systematically get the same behavioural outcome as the person we have modelled.

Once we understand the patterns of the model we can adopt them ourselves and also teach them to others.

The founders, Bandler and Grinder, started by analysing in detail and then searching for what made successful psychotherapists different from their peers. This enabled them to teach others how to achieve the best performance.

The original models were: Milton Erickson (hypnotherapy), Virginia Satir (family therapy), andFritz Perls (gestalt therapy).

The patterns discovered were adapted for general communication and effecting change and can be used to model anyone doing anything.

NLP modelling methods are designed to unconsciously assimilate the tacit knowledge to learn what the master is doing of which the master is not aware. As an approach to learning it can involve modelling exceptional people.

As Bandler and Grinder state "the function of NLP modeling is to arrive at descriptions which are useful.

Modelling is not confined to therapy, but can be, and is, applied to a broad range of human learning. Another aspect of modelling is understanding the patterns of one's own behaviors in order to 'model' the more successful parts of oneself.

So what success would you like to model and replicate?