Natural language processing and Computational social science


This is the website for NLP+CSS, a series of workshops on natural language processing (NLP) and computational social science (CSS). 

The next workshop is the 6th workshop on NLP+CSS at NAACL 2024 in Mexico City on June 21, 2024. 

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Language is perhaps the most salient outcome of complex social processes. We do not expect teenagers to speak like senior citizens, and we recognize the mutual dependency between language and social factors. Although this interdependence is at the core of models in both natural language processing (NLP) and (computational) social sciences (CSS), these two fields still exist largely in parallel, holding back research insights and potential applications.  This workshop aims to advance the joint computational analysis of social sciences and language by explicitly involving social scientists, NLP researchers, and industry partners. 

This workshop series builds on a successful string of iterations, with dozens of interdisciplinary submissions to make NLP techniques and insights standard practice in CSS research.  Our focus is on NLP for social sciences - to continue the progress of CSS, and to integrate CSS with current trends and techniques in NLP.