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Online Vegetarian-friendly Shopping

New Jersey-based Merchants

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Site Address/Phone/Fax/Email Products
Homemade BettySomerset, NJ
Homemade, 100% organic, vegan, fair trade body care products
TerraCycle 121 New York Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638
Fax: 609.393.4259
Organic fertilizers, garden supplies, cleaners, bags, school & office supplies, toys, and other products derived from waste and packaged in recycled containers
Programs to collect numerous waste products (and pay for some)


Other Merchants

Site Products
Allison's Gourmet baked goods & sweets - always vegan, organic & fair-trade
botanically based products, skincare to childrens products to a nutrition line - everything is vegan and gluten free
Alternative Outfitters vegan boutique - shoes, boots, bags and other animal friendly accessories
Aye! Chihuahua fashion accessories (cruelty-free)
Crum Creek Mills soy protein products
downbound.com vegan, organic, and sweatshop-free shoes, hemp clothing & bags, pet food, furniture, more
Ducky Life TeaTea & accessories
Products are organic, and fair trade wherever possible
Earth Vegan shoes
ecosource Home and Garden home & garden products
Fake Meats
meat substitutes, jerky, and treats
Foods Alive organic, vegan, kosher, & gluten free food
foreue Skin care products (all are vegan, cruelty free, and preservative-free)
Freeda Vitamins vitamins (100% vegetarian & kosher)
Green Nation Gardens eco-friendly garden supplies and sustainable outdoor living products
Healthy Eating meat substitutes, other food, personal care, pet food, books
Heartland Products Ltd. shoes, t-shirts, accessories
Just the Goods
 vegan skin care products, mostly organic
Love Street Living Foods organic foods, organic home and body care, artisan products
Lydia's Organics
gluten-free, raw, vegan, organic food
Moo Shoes shoes, accessories, jackets, gloves, t-shirts, books, videos
Mountain Rose Herbs bulk organic herbs and spices; organic teas
Natural Food Network's Certified Organic Food Directory organic product search tool
Natural Zing organic & wild food
NoMeat.com vegetarian meat substitutes, other food
Old Wives Tail
vegan, organic hair care
OrganicKingdom.com organic food, personal care, supplements, pet, garden, organic cotton
Otsu Vegan Style accessories, cookbooks, and more
Pangea Vegan Products (Veganstore.com) food, vitamins, personal care, clothing, accessories, dog & cat, books, videos
Pioneer Nutritional Formulas vitamins (most are vegetarian)
Prescription 2000 supplements (100% vegan)
Raw Life Health Store organic raw foods, supplements, dental products, books, audio, video
Sun Flour Baking Company vegan cookies, including wheat/gluten free
The SuperMarketCoop fair trade products and products from small farmers
Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows and smores
The Ultimate Life complete meal, supplements (100% vegan)
Vaute Couture
vegan fashion house
Vegan Cuts
body care, fashion, food, and more
Vegan Essentials footwear, shirts, accessories, food, vitamins, personal care, hemp goods
Vegan Street t-shirts, women's fashion, workout wear, hemp goods, shopping bags
VegBay free online auction for the veg/animal rights/green communities
VegeCyber vegetarian meat substitutes, other food, vitamins, herbs, books
Vegetarian Shoes  (UK) shoes, belts, jackets
The Vegetarian Site shoes, accessories, clothing, personal care, food, hemp products, books, videos
www.vegieworld.com vegetarian meat substitutes, other food
VillageOrganics.com food, personal care, coffee, tea, bakery, gift baskets


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