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Other Vegetarian-related Links

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Guides & Tools

Vegetarian Starter Kit from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Vegetarian Starter Kit from PETA & GoVeg.com
Vegan Starter Kit
from Mercy for Animals
The Complete Guide for New and Aspiring Vegans from Viva! USA
Recipe and Meal-Planning Tips
egg, dairy, and meat substitutes from PCRM
The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet
egg & dairy baking substitutes from PETA
VRG's Guide to Leather Alternatives
The Vegetarian Resource Group's (VRG) Vegan Guide to Leather Alternatives
Is it Vegan?
a mobile tool for anyone interested in eliminating animal products from their diet

Area Vegetarian Yahoo! Groups

New Jersey Vegetarian
New Jersey Vegans
North Jersey Vegetarians

Vegetarian-Related Travel Sources

Disclaimer:  I have not used any of these, so I cannot vouch for their usefulness or quality.

Green Earth Travel travel agent focusing on vegetarians
HappyCow's Travel Guide free vegetarian travel resource
The Vegetarian Resource Group's (VRG) Travel page vegetarian travel & restaurants
VegetarianUSA.com free city & state guidebooks
Vegetarian Vacations free vegetarian travel resource
Vegetarian Visitor UK accommodation & eating out guide
Veg VisitsRent places to stay and kitchens to use with local vegan and vegetarian hosts
VegVoyages veg adventures in southeast Asia

Vegetarian Lodging

Disclaimer:  I have not stayed at any of these

Serendipity Bed & Breakfast vegetarian/vegan B&B in Ocean City, NJ
The Ginger Cat Bed & Breakfast vegan B&B in Watkins Glen, NY
L'arc en ciel vegetarian B&B in the Scorff valley in Central Brittany, France
Lands in Love - Tierras Enamoradas vegetarian hotel, resort, adventure center in Costa Rica

Other Vegetarian Web Sites

All4Vegan (UK) vegan source for personal connections, info, and more
AllVeggieLinks.com veg search site
Carrots and Claret
all things vegetarian, travelogue, recipes, travel photos, quotations
Choose Veg
recipes, nutrition, and more
Compassionate Communities Campaign
Farm Sanctuary's site for helping individual activists and grassroots groups promote vegan eating
watching animal issues in the media
DeliciousTV.com progressive media company promoting a plant-based diet to the American public, with TV shows and more
Don't Fear the Vegan
veganfying food of our past and exploring new tastes
EatVeg.com veg info & links
Food for Living personal diet coaching, cooking classes, personal chef services
GoVeg.com from PETA
GoVeganRadio.com vegan radio show
Jazzy Vegetarian vegetarian TV & radio shows, cookbook, recipes
Madness 411 benefits of veganism
McDougall Program
the Free McDougall Program to successfully change your diet and lifestyle
Meatless Monday
information and recipes to start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly meat-free alternatives
Not Just Recipes about food and compassionate, responsible living.  Recipes, articles, tips and more
Not Milk find the whole truth about cow's milk and dairy
Veganism and Vegetarianism: The Science and Philosophy of Plant-Based Nutrition
Nutrition MD from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
OhWhyOhWhy.org promoting vegetarianism through multimedia
The PB&J Campaign encourages people to go vegetarian from a purely environmental standpoint
One Bite Away where vegans, pescetarians, and vegetarians can discover and share their meals with the world
The PB&J Campaign encourages people to go vegetarian from a purely environmental standpoint
Plant-Based Junkies
recipes, blog, resources
Post Punk Kitchen public access vegan cooking show
Raw Friends living food community
RawVeganRadio.com vegan radio show
Realfood.org.uk (UK) keep cruelty out of the kitchen
Satya monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice
Soyfoods.com U.S. soyfoods directory
SoyStache.com not-for-profit project to promote an awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet
Susan's Vegetarian Bookmarks lots of vegetarian & vegan links
Top 50 Vegetarian Sites  (UK) links
TryVeg.com the whys and hows of vegetarian eating
Vegan Action
for the animals, for the environment, for your health
Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness promoting the vegan bodybuilding lifestyle
Vegan Buddies (UK) info about the vegan diet; forum
Vegan.com vegan FAQ, info
The Vegan Connection vegan links & recipes
The Vegan Culinary Experience vegan culinary magazine
VeganFitness.net forum for healthy and compassionate living
Vegan for Good vegan info & resources
VeganForum.com vegan message board
Vegan Gal vegan info, stories, recipes
VeganHealth.org from Vegan Outreach
Vegan Hot Spot
favorite vegan hotspots from haute cuisine to cheap and tasty, eco-natural foods, lifestyle shopping
Veganica online gallery of vegetarian and vegan artists
Veganism In a Nutshell from the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Vegan Mainstream marketing services for vegan bloggers, authors, businesses
Vegans Are Cool
interviews with cool vegans from around the planet
The Vegan Taste
recipes, videos, and tips showcasing artisan vegan food
Vegan Village (UK) vegan links
The Vegan Vixen Show TV show
The Vegan Woman
dedicated to the vegan lifestyle - support, info, recipes, and more
VegE-News monthly e-newsletter featuring current news stories and items of interest to vegetarians
Vegetarian Friend
connect with vegetarian and vegan friends from all over the world
Vegetarian Museum virtual museum dedicated to vegetarianism
The Vegetarian Pages incorporating the World Guide to Vegetarianism - will be relaunched
The Vegetarian Resource Group's (VRG) links vegetarian & related links
Vegetarians in Paradise monthly magazine with vegetarian info pertinent to the Los Angeles vegetarian community
The Vegetarian Site
veg info, shopping, recipes, links, etc.
Vegetarianteen.com on-line magazine about veg teen life
The Vegetarian Star celebrity vegetarian gossip and news
The Vegetarian Times monthly magazine
Vegetarianusa.com travel guide, books, info
Vegetus.org veg humor, recipes, and info
charity feeding the hungry without exploiting animals
VegFamily Magazine magazine for vegan family living
VegForLife.com information and networking site, with resources, recipes and tips (from Farm Sanctuary)
Veggie123.com how to successfully become a vegetarian e-book
VeggieBoards.com vegetarian and vegan message board
Veggie.ca (Canada) on-line community and business directory for vegetarians from across Canada
VeggieDate.com vegetarian singles dating service
VeggieFishing.com dating site for vegetarians
veggieglobal.com non-profit web retreat and resource
Veggiesunited "It's more than just a diet."  Chat, animal rights, and more
Veggie Vision (UK) Internet TV station bringing information, education and entertainment for cruelty-free living and animal-free eating
VegNews Magazine monthly magazine
VegSource.com support for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle - newsletter, FAQ, recipes, forum, store
VegVine search engine for local veggie friends, vegan meetups, vegetarian restaurants, and more
VegWeb recipes, cookbooks, coupons, links, personals
Veg World Magazine
monthly magazine
Will Travel for Vegan Food
diary for cross-country road trip attempting to visit all vegan restaurants in the U.S.
Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Every April, groups from across the world hold vegan bake sales
Yummy Plants
recipes, community, lifestyle, shop, reviews, events, health, restaurants


Chicago Vegan Foods
vegan cheese, marshmallows, and soft-serve
vegan, nut-based, soy-free, gluten-free meat replacement
New Harvest Kitchen vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, healthy, ready to eat meals
The Vegg vegan egg yolk substitute

Recipe Sites

101 Cookbooks
Abbey's Vegetarian Recipes
About.com - Vegetarian Cuisine
All-creatures.org - Vegan - Vegetarian Recipe Book
AllRecipes.com - Vegan Recipes
AllRecipes.com - Vegetarian Recipes
Captain Vegan (vegan recipe search engine)
The Cat-Tea Corner - Our Vegan Recipe Collection
Celebrate a Vegan Holiday (from PETA)
Christina Cooks Naturally - Recipe Archives
Debbie Meadows - Great Vegetarian Recipes
Dreena Burton's Plant-Powered Kitchen
Dr. Padma Garvey
Easy and Healthy Vegan Recipes
Epicurious Vegetarian Cooking
Everyday Dish TV
Fatfree Vegan Recipes
FoodWeb - Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes
The Gourmet Vegan
International Vegetarian Union (IVU) - Recipes
Happy Herbivore
Jewish Veg - Jewish Recipes
Kansas' Cafe - Compassionate Food for Compassionate People
Kate's (Vegan) Cookery Site - Vegan Recipes
Living and Raw Food Recipes
The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
Natural Alternative Substitutions
Martha Stewart vegan recipes
Non Dairy Cheese Recipes
Organic Patch - Raw Vegan Recipe Index
Pamela Lanier's Bed & Breakfast Recipes Collection - Vegetarian
The Perfect Diet Cookbook
Rawfully Tempting
RecipeSource.com - Vegetarian Recipes
Rice Vegetarian Club - Recipes
Simple Vegan Recipes
Small Household Vegetarian Recipes
The Vegan Chef - Recipes
The Vegan Connection - Recipes
VeganCooking.com - Our Featured Recipes
Vegan Fusion
The Vegan Kitchen - Recipes (The Vegan Family House)
Vegan Lunchbox
VeganMeat.com - Vegan Recipes
Vegan Outreach - Vegan Foods
Vegan Outreach - Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes
VegCooking.com (PETA) - Vegetarian Recipes, Products, Restaurants, and more
Vegan Richa
The Vegan Version
Vegan Yumminess
Vegetarian Kitchen - Recipes Galore
The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) - Recipes
Vegetarians in Paradise - Recipe Index
Vegetarians in Paradise - Cooking Beans & Grains
The Vegetarian Society - Cordon Vert Recipes
Vegetarian Starter Kit - Recipes for Life  (from PETA)
The Vegetarian Times - Recipe Search
VegSource.com - Best of the Net Recipes
VegWeb.com - Recipes for the Vegan / Vegetarian Diet
Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG) - Free Vegan Cookbooks/Recipes    
Yum Universe

Vegetarian & Vegan Cookbooks

The Global Gourmet - Vegetarian cookbooks & sample recipes
HappyCow - Recommended Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks
The Hygeian Home Cook-book (the first vegan cookbook, 1874)


Animal Friendly Eating
Chic Vegan
The Cool Vegetarian
The Thinking Vegan
Vegan Blogger
Vegan Fazool
The Vegan Truth

People - Individuals, Families, Homes, etc.

The Vegan Family House a vegan family living in the northeast of Scotland
Ahimsa Village
an evolving vegan homestead and education center located near State College, PA
The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone Vegan actress - extension of her book, The Kind Diet; videos, photos, blogs, information about vegan and green living

Animal-related Organizations

Petfinder.com on-line, searchable database of animals that need homes
numerous local animal rescue organizations participate
The Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park Zoo humane society operating three animal care centers in NJ, and Popcorn Park Zoo, a refuge for handicapped, abused, exploited, ill, injured and elderly wildlife, birds, exotic, and farm animals
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to ending animal exploitation
PO Box 174, Englishtown, NJ 07726; 732-446-6808; Fax: 732.446.0227
Coalition for Animals education and activities for the end of all animal domination
PO Box 611, Somerville, NJ 08876; 908-369-0604; info@coalitionforanimals.org
SHARE (SHelterAndRescue) network of animal SHelter And REscue groups in South Jersey and nearby areas


Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey non-profit organization dedicated to New Jersey's rare wildlife; carries out research projects, develops management plans, encourages conservation practices and educates residents
New Jersey Conservation Foundation private, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving New Jersey’s land and natural resources for the benefit of all through acquisition and stewardship
New Jersey Audubon Society Fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic while preserving wildlife and natural systems
Pinelands Preservation Alliance non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the resources of the New Jersey Pinelands
Rancocas Conservancy dedicated to preserve, protect, and enhance the ecological and cultural integrity of the Rancocas Creek watershed and its environs


A New Start a vegan music video
Co-op America's Green Pages Online directory of green businesses
Ethical Singles "The Matchmaking Service for People who Care about Humans, Animals and the Environment"
GreenPeople directory of eco-friendly products
Local Harvest directory of organic, locally-grown food sources
Organic Consumers Association campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade & sustainability
Cleaning Building Services New York Inc. Make Your Own Vegan Cleaning, Makeup, and other Household Products

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