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Vegetarian Dining Reviews


Meemah Edison, NJ
Submitted 2/27/2006 by Bill Johnson, Metuchen, NJ

The food here is outstanding - well-seasoned, fresh, eclectic and always properly prepared.  But don't think about the kind of food that you can spend $25 on and feed your family; a meal with a shared app or two and entrees for four will run you $80 at least, and $100 is not out of the question.  Generally, though, it's worth it.

The service, however, is abysmal.  The owner/operator is one of the most rude, unpleasant, and obnoxious proprietors whom I've ever encountered.  Short-tempered, totally lacking in common courtesy even to repeat customers whom she recognizes, I have seen her reduce an elderly couple to tears because they had waited an hour and just wanted their food.  Just getting chopsticks or extra hot oil with your take-out order requires an act of Congress.   The woman can be truly caustic, mean and frightening.

Nanking South Plainfield, NJ
Submitted 5/12/2006 by MY, Piscataway, NJ

Excellent food, nice ambiance however the staff is not friendly at all.  They didn't ask if we needed anything during the course of our meal and kept forgetting our drinks.  We went to lunch two days in a row for their great food and we were hoping they would be friendly the next day...unfortunately they were not.
Submitted 7/10/2006 by Shiv, New Brunswick, NJ

This restaurant has instantly won me over.  From the first time you sit down to enjoy their Thai/Chinese/Indian fusion dishes, you are sold.  I am hard pressed to find a dish that is not worth the considerable entree price.  The cuisine itself is based around an assortment of curried dishes that are fully realized with a helping of various rices, the most common staple being jasmine rice.  They do charge for the rice instead of including it in the entree, and this generally would be something to huff and puff about if not for the unbeatable quality.  I truly believe it is the best restaurant (quality wise) in the state, and can certainly compete with its more well established counterparts in NYC.  You will not find it uncommon to run over 100 dollars for a night out for 2-3 people, but then again the food makes you forget the bill as you sit in the car and take a moment to clear the buzz of euphoria from eating such a great meal.

About the service - Nanking is a fairly new restaurant and has certainly taken steps to up their game with service.  While food still takes considerable time to prepare, servers are at your beckon call, constantly refilling your drinks and asking if you need anything.

Go, enjoy.  You won't understand how it could be so good.  And quite frankly, you won't care to know!!  That's how good it is.

Kaya's Kitchen Belmar, NJ
Submitted 8/2006 by DR, Robbinsville, NJ

We have dined at Kaya's Kitchen several times in the past month and it has been consistently delicious.  It's a casual place, the staff is very friendly, and the menu is extensive and almost all vegan (any non-vegan options can be made with soy alternatives).   Prices are very reasonable and it is BYOB.  I highly recommend the tofu buffalo wings; they are delicious!  The "chicken" curry is also outstanding.  Their desserts are so-so - usually a variety of cakes, nothing spectacular but if you are looking for a sweet fix they will fit the bill.

Overall, we love Kaya's Kitchen and highly recommend it.

Harini Lawrenceville, NJ
Submitted 3/24/2007 by JR, Plainsboro, NJ

My husband and I went there after reveiving a coupon through the mail and left utterly disppointed.  The rice, which is an integral portion of an Indian meal was totally bland, without any seasoning or even salted, and was undercooked and lukewarm at best.  While everyone has different levels of tolerance for spices, my husband's dish was so hot that he couldn't bear to eat it.  Despite the lack of vegan options in the area, sadly we definitely would not return.
Submitted 5/19/2007 by JT, Princeton, NJ

Not just a run-of-the-mill Indian menu.  Perfect custom spicing!  The food has home-made taste, both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.  We had a pleasant experience on Mother's Day.  Expect to see my family more often!  Probably the best Indian food in the area.
Kairo Kafe New Brunswick, NJ
Submitted 10/3/2007 by MD, New Brunswick, NJ

We went for dinner.  The place has a very relaxed atmosphere, very cozy - candle light mostly.  The service was spot on.  We tried their specials - they where fantastic.  A very large variety of vegetarian choices.  The food is fresh, and we split a dessert which I had heard a lot about.  It is worth it just for the desserts - they are baked fresh daily.  It is BYOB.  They have belly dancing on the weekends, so we will make reservations and come back.  Price was very reasonable - you get a lot of very high quality food for a very reasonable price.


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