People often ask me for Podcast recommendations.

 My favorite of all time:

  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series - http://etl.stanford.edu/archive/ - Download and listen to all of those. AMAZING podcasts on entrepreneurship, business.
My favorite political podcasts are all 4 Sunday news shows and a few others:
  • ABC News This Week
  • Fox News Sunday
  • NBC Meet the Press
  • CBS Bob Schieffer
  • Shields and Brooks | NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Podcast | PBS
  • Cato Institute Event Podcast - Always interesting. Always stimulating.
My favorite "random story" podcasts are:
  • This American Life - 
  • Instapundit.com - Independent, and surprisingly interesting every time.
Pretty good business one:
  • BusinessWeek - Cover Stories - Good

If you ever have any recommendations - please send them my way.