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I love helping people and learning about interesting ideas. E-mail njulka-at-gmail 

Who am I?


I am a Product Manager at LinkedIn, whose vision is to create economic opportunity for all workers globally. I was a Product Manager at Bizo, a B2B marketing company, until LinkedIn acquired us. I also co-founded SameGoal, an education technology SaaS company. As VP of Smart Solutions, I led product management, sales, marketing, recruiting, and customer service. I have an MBA from Columbia Business School and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I did economic consulting at Charles River Associates. My passion for creating web-based products started in 1999, when I co-founded Yourworks.com, an early social network to share user-generated art, music, and code.

Random Projects

Jenny and I made this video to honor my grandfather, Pitaji, on his 90th birthday.

My Philosophies

Favorite Quotes

Personal Productivity (and a presentation)

Passion Circle

Internet (November 9, 1995)

How I got my first Valley-based Product Management job in 5 Weeks 

How to express concerns in a relationship



My Cities

New York



Observations on South Korea (March 2007)

1 Month Europe Extravaganza (August 2010)



Political Web Sites

Old political web site links.


List of blogs I read

Web Tools that I us

Podcast Recommendations.


New York Restaurant Recommendations from a long time ago. 

My top five New York restaurants are probably:

1. Gramercy tavern.
2. Pearl Oyster Bar.
3. Sushi Yasuda.
4. Peter Luger's.
5. Casa Mono.

Here is a Huge list of restaurant reviews that I made a while back.

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