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    Wildcat - August 9, 2014


    Wildcat Ridge Romp

    10M, 50K, 50M, 100K

                                                Race course is within the Wildcat Ridge WMA

    Parking is located at the Hudsonia Pond Field near 536 Green Pond Road Rockaway, NJ 07866

    August 9, 2014 6:00am Start –50M and 100K Race

    Please check in by 5:30am on the day of the race

    August 9, 2014 7:00am Start 50K

    Please check in between 6:15-6:45am on the day of the race

    August 9, 2014 9:00am Start – 10M Race

    Please check in between 7:45-8:45am on the day of the race

    The course is a 10M loop course.  There is one aid station on course at approximately 5M.  There is also a privy at the aid station.

    There is a cutoff at 7:00pm for ALL races.  You must leave on your last lap by 5:00pm.

     There is a full aid station at the Start Finish area.  There are port a johns at the Start Finish area.

    Here is a brief description of the race course: The race will start at the edge of the WMA and immediately head into the woods and straight up an old fire road. The course will be a mix of runnable unblazed ATV trails and well maintained single track that is blazed.  A detailed map of the AREA (not the race course) is located here, http://www.wcrhawkwatch.com/map/wcrtrails.html.  The trails used for this event will stay to the south away from Split Rock Reservoir.  The EXACT course is still in the design stages.  

    Check in begins 5:30am for the 50M and 100K  6:15am for the 50K 8:00am for the 10M

    Fees:                          100k                              50M                             50k                            10M               

    Up to April 1                       $65                                         $55                                     $45                                   $25

    April 1  – June 16                $80                                         $70                                     $60                                   $40    

    June 17- July 2                    $85                                         $75                                     $65                                   $45

    July 3- July 18                     $90                                         $80                                     $70                                   $50

    July 19- Aug 06                     $95                                        $85                                     $75                                   $55

    Day of Race                          $100                                      $90                                      $80                                  $60                            

    Awards: M&F overall winners for each race

    **For ALL races; you can receive a 50% refund until 8 weeks before race date.  After that NO REFUNDS. 
    ** If you transfer your bib to another runner, please contact us with the new runner's information ASAP.


    All online registrations close the Wednesday before the race.

    There will be day of registration available.

    Notes sent out to 2013 runners.

    Wildcat Ridge Romp Runners,

    Welcome to the new venue for this great summer race.  This email is just to go over a few day of race issues.

    Start Location:  The start of the race is at the edge of the woods on a dirt road.  The closest parking is across the street from 536 Green Pond Road Rockaway, NJ 07866.

    Parking:  There are two lots on the opposite side of the street at 536 Green Pond Road.  There is one lot at the elementary school at 524 Green Pond Road  Rockaway Township, NJ 07866.

    These lots are NOT lined lots.  PLEASE do not take up more space than you need.

    Restrooms:  There are no formal restrooms but there is at least one port a potty in each of the parking lots around the Start location.

    Registration and Bib Pickup:

    50M and 100K Race – Please check in by 5:45a

    50K Race – Please check in between 6:15 – 6:45a

    10M Race – Please check in between 7:45 – 8:45a

    Start Times

    50M and 100K – 6:00AM

    50K – 7:00AM

    10M – 9:00AM

    ALL Races will take off on time.  The race clock is already counting down.

    Cutoffs and average times:

    All races should be finished by 7:00pm. 

    Runners for the 100K need to average at least a 13m/m.  If you start doing loops over 2 hours 10 minutes you will not finish in time.

    Runners for the 50 M need to average 2 hours 36 mins per loop (or faster)

    Aid Stations:  There will be one full aid station set up at the Start Finish line.  There will be plenty of place for runners to place their own cooler / tent / chairs.

    Water Stations:  Runners will pass water at mile 4, 7, 9. Runners should carry their own water bottle / hydration system to reduce waste at the aid stations.

    Location of Aid Station 1 and 3, on Darlington Rd

    Location of Aid Station 2, on Split Rock Road

    Directions from Start to A/S 1 then to A/S 2

    Wildlife:  This trail takes place within the NJ State Wildlife Management Area.  There is a good chance that you could see bear, fox, deer, wildcats and other assorted animals.

    Ticks / bugs:  I highly recommend wearing something to keep bugs away from you and ticks off of you. 

    Weather:  There is a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms for the entire day.

    Remember, HAVE FUN.  NJ Trail Series tries to create an event where you can challenge your self against your self and others by running around in the woods for a few hours.  Please remember to have fun and enjoy your time out there.
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