What do I get for my Registration cost?

·         A well-marked course

·         An accurate time for your efforts on the course

·         The RFID timing system used at every race

·         A giveaway (past giveaways have been wicking shirts, hats, coolers, bags, fleece, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, cups and a few other items)

·         A fully stocked aid station (not just water and a stale bagel at the finish line)

·         Some form of post-race celebration.  It may be just more aid station food with a beer but it is a chance to hang out and get to know your fellow runner.


Where else does my fee go that maybe I don’t see?

·         It pays for the volunteers (Volunteers don’t work for free.  There is a cost to everyone’s time)

·         It pays for the work of the two RDs

·         Permits

·         Insurance

·         Venue fees

·         Bathrooms or porta johns

·         Ongoing business expenses of operating a fulltime business