NJ Trail Series One Day - Augusta NJ

October 6-9, 2022

48 /24 / 12 / 6 Hour Races plus Marathon and 50 KM

at the Sussex County Fairgrounds

We also accept mail in registration. Payment can be made via check, paypal or venmo.

please email njtrailseries@gmail.com for more information

2021 One Day Results

This is the same course and venue as 3 Days at the Fair

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Course Description:

  • Certified NJ13501JHP, NJ13502JHP, NJ13503JHP 1.000 miles flat loop on pavement and crushed gravel

  • Special start line for those only trying for a Marathon or 50K finish.

  • Certified Marathon Course (NJ13502JHP) Boston Qualifier

  • Certified 50K Course (NJ13503JHP)

  • Certified 50 Mile Time - will be exactly 50 laps

  • Certified 100 Mile Time - will be exactly 100 laps

  • IAU Bronze Label

  • USATF Sanctioned event

  • Lit course at night

  • Display showing laps completed and position in race

  • Heated bathrooms with shower facilities on course

    • You don't run though them but the course goes in front of them

  • Full kitchen to provide hot and cold food at Aid Station

    • Access to Kitchen to cook your own food

  • Plenty of parking

  • Grassy areas for tents,-$20 additional close to the aid station, Start Finish area or further away for quieter nights

  • Spots available for RV Parking - $50 additional

Address is 37 Plains Rd. Augusta NJ 07822

Course is in RED

Food, Aid Station, Registration is at the Blue Circle (Start Finish)

Bathrooms and Showers are just above the Start Finish

START / FINISH area is located at the Blue Circle

Camping is allowed on almost any grassy area seen on this map.

Timing Chip and Swag Pickup is in the main food area and starts 1 hour before your race.

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48 Hour race begins at 9:00 am on Thursday Morning and finishes at 9:00am Saturday Morning

24 Hour race begins at 9:00 am on Thursday or Friday and finishes at 9:00am Friday or Saturday Morning

12 Hour race Day begins at 9:00 am on Thursday or Friday and finishes at 9:00pm Thursday or Friday Night

12 Hour race Night begins at 9:00pm on Thursday or Friday Evening and finishes at 9:00am Friday or Saturday Morning

6 Hour race Day begins at 9:00am on Thursday or Friday and finishes at 3:00pm Thursday or Friday Afternoon

6 Hour race Night begins at 6:00 pm on Thursday or Friday Evening and finishes at 12:00am Friday or Saturday Morning

Marathon or 50K begins at 9:00 am on Thursday or Friday Morning (you must finish by Friday or Saturday at 9:00am)


48 Hour race $200 until June 30

24 Hour race $150 until June 30

12 Hour race $125 until June 30

6 Hour race $100 until June 30

Marathon or 50K $100 until June 30

July 1 until August 31 – All races increase $25

September 1 until October 6 – All races increase another $25

SWAG is not guaranteed after September 15

**For ALL races; you can receive a 50% refund until 8 weeks before race date. After that NO REFUNDS.

** If you transfer your bib to another runner, please contact us with the new runner's information ASAP.


Laps will be tracked for each runner using MYLaps ProChip & scoring system. As each runner crosses over the mat to mark a “split,” the system will record it. Since the mat will be passed each time the runner circles the course, each split is thus equal to one lap. One word of caution regarding the counting of laps; Only completed laps will count towards your overall total mileage.

Pacers: This is a very runnable course and pacers will not be allowed. You would have to work hard to get lost and in the spirit of competition try to do your best on your own efforts.

Any two or more registered runners though can run together as much as they desire. This is true no matter which race you are entered, all runners will be using the same course.


One aid station will be open from 9:00am on Saturday through Sunday morning. The aid station is run by the finest crew of ultra running cooks. They will prepare an array of food that keeps you full of energy and your palate entertained. Special Veggie / Vegan foods are available through out the entire event. It will also be stocked with the usual ultra fare as well as hot and cold food for the entire event. Participants and crew will have access to prepare their own special concoctions. Access to the walk in refrigerator is available to everyone as well. Please notify Race Director if access to kitchen is wanted.


Sussex County Fairgrounds has public restrooms located just a few steps from the course. There are also Shower facilities located inside the rest rooms.


Awards will be presented on-site to the TOP 3 male and TOP 3 female completing the greatest number of miles for ALL timed races. First Place wins 100% discount, Second Place wins a 75% discount and Third Place wins a 50% discount to the 2018 race in the same event. Winners will have the choice between 3 Days at the Fair in May or NJ Trail Series One Day in November. Every Finisher of each race will receive a PERSONALIZED award with their specific mileage.

**There must be a minimum of 10Male/10Female participants in each timed race or distance for it to be award eligible**


Sussex County Fairgrounds does allow pets, as long as they’re on a leash. By all means, please bring your pet(s) along if you like; there will be plenty of space for them. Please be careful when crossing the course. Also be aware that there will be many other animals on the property. If your pet is uncomfortable around horses, cows, poultry or other animals it may be best to leave them home.


Please be aware that the course will be closed to the general public while we’re using it. Having said that, Sussex County Fairgrounds is an active Fairground and will have a horse show, a poultry show, a garden show, a farmers market and possibly other activities going on away from the Race Course. Your friends and family are more than welcome to explore the property while you run. There is plenty to do on the Fairgrounds as well as close by off property.


Holiday Inn Express in Newton has offered a discount to all NJ Trail Series One Day runners and their families. The November group runs from 11/9-11/12 with a discounted rate of $119.00 for a standard room and $139.00 for a suite. The block code for November is NJ1 to be used when reserving the room.

84 RV Rentals & Service - They are offering excellent, on-site housing at the The Sussex County Fairgrounds, plus special discount pricing for NJ Trail Series runners. Stay in one of their RVs. They deliver it and set-up. Move-in ready. Call for NJ Trail Series pricing. 973-875-4961.


There are no 2020 results due to COVID. 3 Days at the Fair was run in the Fall.

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