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    NJ Ultra Festival - March 22, 2014

    2014 Results

    The Ultra Festival will take place this year at the
    NJ State Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ
    Course:  10 Mile loop using Fairground property and 2 out and backs on unimproved rail trail.
    Home of our very own
    3 Days at the Fair
    NJ Trail Series One Day

    Trail Races of Marathon, 50K, 50M, 100K and 100M
    Weekend of March 22, 23 2014

    Random trail shots of 2012 course
    There are sections of the trail that are not well groomed and have uneven footing. 
    Be prepared that this is a trail run and not a road race.

                                                           Runner during 2011 Ultra Festival, old location of Long Valley NJ.

     Mike Lynch moving well in 2011

    Race Start times:  All races start on Saturday
    100 Mile - 7:00am

    100 Kilometer - 6:45am                                                                       
    50 Mile - 7:15am
    50 Kilometer - 7:45am
    Marathon - 8:00am

    All races must be completed by Sunday 12:00pm.  You will need to leave on your last 10 mile loop by 9:00am on Sunday.

    Previous Years Results:
    RESULTS 2013
    RESULTS 2012
    RESULTS 2011
    2010 Results for the NJ100 (the only event held that year).  Was run as a Fat Ass in year one.

    Course:  10 Mile loop using Fairground property and 2 out and backs on unimproved rail trail.

    Here is a close up of the NJ State Fairgrounds with the course and adjustments highlighted. ALL course adjustments are done on the first loop. For example, the 50K will run the 1 mile add on FIRST, then do 3 loops of the 10 mile loop.
    The Marathon will run the PURPLE add on before joining the 10 mile loop. On their first loop they will not cross the road (not on map) and come back to the Start Finish area for a 6.2 mile loop. Then they will do two 10 mile loops.
    The 50K will follow the ORANGE arrows away from the Start and then join in the 10 mile loop around mile 9.5 of the course. You will finish the rest of that first loop then have three 10 mile loops for a total 31 miles.
    The 100K will start on the normal 10 mile course. Around 1 mile (marked in RED) you will turn left and cut across the Fairgrounds to join in the loop around mile 9.5 and you will finish on the regular course. Then you will do six 10 mile loops for 62 miles.
    The 50 mile and 100 mile will just do five and ten loops of the 10 mile course.


    37 Plains Rd, Augusta, NJ 07822

    Schedule of events:
    Friday, March 21 - Richards Building at the NJ State Fairgrounds.
        3:00pm - NJ State Fairgrounds is open for runners.  You can pick your spot, set up your tent and settle in.
        4:00pm -
    Richards Building opens.  Packet pickup (until 10pm).
        6:00pm - Pasta dinner (until 8pm). Optional meal ($10) provided NJ Trail Series and Volunteers. Crews, friends, and family are welcome to join by pre purchasing a $10 ticket or at the door.

    Packet pickup is expected to be done on Friday night between 4:00pm and 10pm.
    IF YOU REQUIRE SATURDAY PACKET PICKUP you may request this during online registration for AN ADDITIONAL $10.  Saturday registration will ONLY be open from 5:45am to 6:45am.  Once the 100 KM race starts registration is CLOSED.

    Saturday, March 22 - Richards Building at the NJ State Fairgrounds.
        5:45am - Late registration (for a $10 fee) will be open for 1 hour.  Closing at 6:45am.
        6:30am - Last minute pre race briefing by race directors

        6:45am - Start of 100 Kilometer Race
        7:00am - Start of 100 Mile Race
        7:00am - Sunrise
        7:15am - Start of 50 Mile Race
        7:45am - Start of 50 Kilometer Race
        8:00am - Start of Marathon

    Sunday, March 23 - Richards Building at the NJ State Fairgrounds.
        3:00am - 20:00 hour cutoff for the Speedster Buckle for 100 Mile Race
        7:00am - 24 hour cutoff for sub 24 hour buckles for 100 Mile Race
        9:00am - 26:00 hour cutoff for leaving for your last loop.
        12:00pm - All races end
        12:00pm - post race award ceremony in the Richards Building, Brunch is optional for $20.

    Aid Stations: Fully stocked at Race Head Quarters (RHQ) plus one other at the furthest turn around point.

    Drop Bags: Are allowed at RHQ. You will be passing your bag once every 10 miles.

    Pacers:  No pacing allowed. In the spirit of competition try to do your best on your own efforts though any two or more competitors may run together as long as they are all still competing to finish in their fastest possible time.  This is true no matter which race you are entered.  We will allow on course companionship for 100 mile racers after the runner has finished at least 80 miles and not before 6:00am on Sunday.  The purpose of a companionship runner is to motivate the 100 mile racer in the later stages of the race to finish under 29 hours. 

    Crews: Allowed at RHQ. There are other areas at the fairgrounds where you will be able to see your runner.  There are also 2 cross roads where you would be able to see your runner.  See map for more details.  Just over 2 miles of the course is on the Fairground property that is wide open and accessible to everyone.

    Awards: Special awards to top 3 male and female winners in ALL races. Top 3 OA

    Finishers Medals for Marathon, 50K, 50M, 100K
    Buckles to all 100 mile finishers.   3 buckle options
    Speedster Buckle (sub 20 and finishing by 3:00am Sunday)
    Sub 24 (finish by 7:00am on Sunday)
    Finish (finish by 12:00 pm Sunday)

    Finishers Awards are given for ALL distances.

    Entry Fees:

    Early Bird Special (until September 30, 2013)
        Marathon: $90
        50 Kilometer: $100
        50 Mile: $120
        100 Kilometer: $140
        100 Mile: $180

    Refund Policy: A 50% refund will be available until December 31st. No refunds after December 31st. No rollovers or transfers to next year.

    Early Registration (October 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013)
        Marathon: $100
        50 Kilometer: $110
        50 Mile: $130
        100 Kilometer: $150
        100 Mile: $190

    Refund Policy: A 50% refund will be available until December 31st. No refunds after December 31st. No rollovers or transfers to next year.

    Registration (January 1, 2014 – February 15, 2014)
        Marathon: $110
        50 Kilometer: $120
        50 Mile: $140
        100 Kilometer: $160
        100 Mile: $200

    Refund Policy: A 50% refund will be available until December 31st. No refunds after December 31st. No rollovers or transfers to next year.

    Late Registration (February 16 – March 1, 2014)
        Marathon: $140
        50 Kilometer: $150
        50 Mile: $170
        100 Kilometer: $190
        100 Mile: $230

    Also included: Each registered runner will receive SWAG to be decided on by the race organizers.  Every year we have given out technical shirts at registration.  We have also given a weekender bag (2011), green fleece (2012) and wind jacket (2013) when you cross the finish line.

    Not included but available:
        Winter Beanie - $15
        Sweatshirt - $40  (blue sweatshirt in photo) we have done maroon and green also.

    Also not included:
        Friday Dinner - $10 (provided by NJ Trail Series and Volunteers)
        Sunday Brunch - $20, Richards Building at the Fairgrounds.  Great chance to have a full brunch (french toast, assorted pancakes, fruit, eggs (anyway you want them), pastas, shrimp, lox, muffins, breads, turkey, ham, meats plus beer and bloody marys).

    Refund Policy: A 50% refund will be available until December 31st. No refunds after December 31st. No rollovers or transfers to next year.

    Weather: Average high temperature is 49 degrees F with an average low of 25 degrees F. Last two years highs are in the low 40’s and lows are in the mid 20’s. Record high for March 24 is 69F and record low is 9F.
    Weather from weather.gov

    Sun Rise & Sun Set:
        Sunrise: 7:00 am
        Sunset: 7:12 pm

    Parking: The entire Fairgrounds is open as a parking lot.  Those that are using their cars as a sleeping quarters or place to access their drop bags can park right next to the race course.  Please understand that there will be lights on at night for the runners and it will not be dark.
        For those that are just parking and do not need access to their car during the race please be considerate and use some of the areas that are further from the race course but still very accessible.

    Tent sites are available at RHQ. There are electric hookups.  Many of these sites are right on the race course.  It is possible for groups to set up tents right next to each other.  This is primitive tenting in a large field. You supply your own tent.  There are showers and permanent restrooms available.  Individual cooking grills can be used in the camping area.  It has been cold over night the last two years so you may want to bring an electric space heater or other contraption to stay warm in your tent.

    RV spots will be available as well.  Every pole has access to electricity.  Due to the time of year though there is not water at each location.  You may be able to pull water from the bathroom on Friday upon arrival if needed.
    Pre-Race Dinner: A pasta dinner will be served on Friday evening from 6:00-8:00pm in the Richards Building at the Fairgrounds. The NJ State Fairgrounds is located at 37 Plains Road Augusta, NJ. The pre race meal is not mandatory but it is the location of race registration. You may purchase a ticket during online registration for $10 for yourself or your crew/spectators.  Tickets will be available on site but PLEASE order early if you know you are attending to allow the volunteers to better prepare for the correct number of runners, crew and family.

    Other Rules: We are guests at the NJ State Fairgrounds and it will be appreciated if you treat the property as if it were your own.
    - PETS are allowed on leash at the Fairgrounds, not on the race course.
    - Littering is strictly prohibited (this includes organic waste i.e. banana peels)
    - Runners must be respectful of all volunteers and staff

    Hotel Accommodations: Please see link to area hotels.  http://www.newjerseystatefair.org/html/page.cfm/accommodations  There is no official race hotel.  This is just a list of local hotels.

    Holiday Inn Express in Newton has offered a discount to all UltraFest runners.  For a deluxe room with whirlpool bath (perfect for those sore muscles post race) $139.  Regular room $119.  All rooms include breakfast.
    Use code ULT when reserving online or over the phone.


    Samples of NipEaze will be available for all runners at registration. www.nipeaze.com

    Getting Here:
    The closest airport Newark NJ (EWR) which is a one hour drive from the fairgrounds. You can use the address NJ State Fairgrounds, 37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822 to plug into any mapping software.

    The Fairgrounds is within easy driving distance of NJ State High Point Park (NJ State's highest point)
    Rick McNulty,
    Mar 18, 2013, 10:42 AM