This is a list of questions that might have been asked about upcoming megawads that are about Illuminatus.
How many levels will it have?: It will have 32 levels. 30 normal levels and of course, 2 secret levels.

Will it have new graphics?: It will have new graphics. It will have new sky graphics, a new title screen, a new credits screen, a new intermission screen, the ending screen and a new M_DOOM graphic. There will also be graphics that you would usually see in Doom/The Ultimate Doom and not see Doom 2.

What is the style of the megawad?: The megawad has a classic Doom and Doom 2 style to its maps with some vanilla elements.

What IWAD and source port do I need to play this megawad?: You need the Doom 2 IWAD to play this megawad. You can use the Plutonia and TNT IWAD to play this megawad, but it won’t work with the Doom or The Ultimate Doom IWAD. The source port I use to test this megawad is ZDoom, but because the game format is Doom 2, it might work with all source ports.

How difficult will the megawad be, and will there be difficulty settings?: It's quite hard, but not hardcore. There are many monsters to fight in each level, but there's plenty of health and ammo. Also, there will be a few monsters to start off with to fight, but as you go on, there will be more monsters. Also, there are difficulty settings.

Will you be doing the whole thing all by yourself?: I’ll be doing all of the maps, but I would like some help with the skies, the title screen, the intermission screen, the ending screen and the M_DOOM graphic. I might need help with the credits screen too.

Is there a preview of the megawad?: Yes we have the first episode with the first 11 maps which can be found at the downloads page. Also look for an older version of MAP01 & MAP02.
Is there a design of the TITLEPIC yet?: Yes and here it is:

The design was made by me and the special effects were made by EarthQuake.

If you have a question about this upcoming megawad, then please let me know.