Beta-Testing Details

As of 8/3/2017, I no longer need testing. Maybe I might need some testers for new versions in the future. This is what the page said before:

This is the details for beta-testing. Here, there are several positions on how to beta test the WAD. If you want to beta test, then let me know on YouTube or Doomworld. Here are the different jobs:

Level Tester (Bug Finder): These people test out maps MAP21-MAP32 and check for any bugs and such.

Level Tester (Game Player): This is a new beta testing job as of 12/22/2013. These people play through the WAD, but rather than finding bugs, they test out the level to see if it has enough ammo and health. They also check to see if the maps are possible starting with just a pistol. They will test all 32 maps.

Texture/Flat Checker: The person who checks for any textures and  flats that seem unfitting for a certain element such as a door. They also look for certain texture/flat patterns and look for a mismatch. They should also refer to John Romero's design rules when checking the graphics. This is for all 32 maps.

When beta testing, identify any faulty sectors or linedefs by identifying the linedefs and/or sectors with their number and pointing out the problem. This also goes for checking textures/flats as well.

So when we're all done, I'll release the WAD. In the meantime, I'll get the other things such as the MAPINFO done.