When parties refer a dispute to us for dispute resolution they contract with both NIPC Ltd. and the panellist who resolves their dispute. The parties must accept the Mediation Rules and Terms of Service and the terms of the appointment of the individual panellist. 

Accordingly, they become liable for two sets of fees:
  • Management Fees for the services of NIPC
  • Panellists Fees for the services of your panellist.
The management fees are basically for the office work involved in appointing a mediator and setting up the mediation or other process and are summarized below. Every neutral or his or her service provider has to recover the costs of providing management services but these are usually included in the mediator's fee. For the sake of transparency we publish management fees separately from panellists' fees.

In addition, the parties must bear any out of pocket expenses such as room hire, refreshments, stationery, copying, phones and the like. An estimate of these charges will be provided and the scale agreed before any dispute resolution agreement is signed.

The company will invoice the panellist's fee and its own management fee at the same time. 

UK value added tax is usually payable at the standard rate.

NIPC Ltd's Management Fees (Excluding VAT)



Appointment of a Mediator


Setting up Initial Meeting or Telephone Conference


Setting up Main Meeting


Daily Support after the first day for each day of the meeting