NIPC Mediation is one of a number of services offered by NIPC Ltd, under the NIPC brands.   Others include managing and marketing the practices of barristers, arbitrators and mediators, arbitration, CPD training and publishing materials on intellectual property for small and medium enterprises.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution or ADR.   Alternative dispute resolution is an umbrella term for the resolution of disputes otherwise than by civil litigation.    It includes a number of dispute resolution procedures including expert determination, early neutral evaluation, arbitration as well as mediation. Mediation differs from other forms of ADR in that a dispute is resolved by consent.   A settlement is not imposed by an arbitrator, expert or other third party.   

That brings two advantages:
  • Because a settlement is reached by consent it is more likely to stick.
  • It facilitates settlements that could not have been arrived at through adjudication which in many cases confer greater benefits than could have been won through litigation.
NIPC Ltd. assists the resolution of disputes in a number of ways. First, it recruits mediators with relevant expertise. Secondly, it supports the mediation by booking venues, providing communications, copying and other facilities for the parties and mediator. Thirdly, it runs workshops and seminars on the resolution of intellectual property, technology, media and entertainment disputes. Fourthly. it publishes works on IP dispute resolution online and in print.