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The best fish in South London is to be found at Robin Moxon's fishmongers, although there is stiff competition from Veasey's at Crystal Palace Food Market

The best venison in South London comes from William Rose in East Dulwich, just across the road from Moxons

And, completing a nicely culinary triangle with the two above, there's Tim Franklin's excellent farm shop and restaurant. We've sold our honey there, and always stop off for a coffee and a chat with Tim, even if we're not buying some of his excellent stock

Edwina's website for her art projects. Her PhD project, which is about sited artwork and climate change, is at  Grizedale Archive. She runs the MFA Fine Art course at Wimbledon College of Arts.
Her latest project is Archive of the Trees

Nik's Mum Zoë has written an amazing book about the wild flowers of Ireland. It started life as a great website, and has now also become an excellent field guide. The third part in this botanical trilogy is her memoirs of a lifetime of flower hunting

Nik makes music podcasts sometimes

Possibly the best fish restaurant in the UK

One of the best high-end Indian restaurants in London

Another superb high-end Indian Restaurant in London

Zaytoun support Palestinian farmers producing amazing products including Freekah and Za'atar

Nik, one day, was wondering if there was such a thing as a Cookipedia...

For all your Oriental food needs, there's Wing Yip supermarkets

We spent Christmas Day 2007 having Moroccan cooking lessons in Riad Laroussa, a very fine hotel/guesthouse in the centre of Fez's Medina - 

A fantastic hotel in India, in the lovely city of Pondicherry, is Villa Shanti. We had amazing stays there in 2013 and 2014, and can't wait to go back again. 

Leelu's Homestay, a lovely guest house in Fort Kochin in Kerala where we had more curry lessons, this time from Leelu herself

The Gallery of Regrettable Food is a splendid site that celebrates the terrible food photography and corporate cookbooks of the 50s, 60s and 70s

More cooking lessons, this time in July 2015 in Japan, at the Women's Assocation of Kyoto