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The 2020 lacrosse season has now ended.  Our end of season business meeting was held on May 14, 2020 to close out the season.  Here are the minutes from this last business meeting.  As a small compensation for the loss of the 2020 season dues for the 2021 season will be reduced by $20 from $68 to $48 for next year.  Dues will be collected as usual in January.  

April 28, 2020 Message from NHIAA

Hope you are all still doing well during this time.

Last week I sent out an e-mail to all of the NHIAA Active Officials and thanked the winter and spring officials for their dedication to officiating for our athletes.  I also made mention that we would be working to open registration for the following year.   As you can imagine we have received multiple questions and I would like to share the responses with you so that you can pass this along and aware. 

1.       Q: Will the NHIAA refund or credit my fee for the spring season? 

A: As the $65 annual fee paid to the NHIAA, is regardless if you officiate one or 5 sports, the NHIAA is looking into how to address the $65 fee for those officials that only registered for a spring sport.  IF an official worked as a fall and or winter season, the fee will not be refunded or any portion credited.  I am not sure as to what the decision will be on this, and as soon as I have direction I will share that information with you. 

2.       Q: Will I get the money back from my sport officials association? 

3.       A: The NHIAA does not have the answer to that question.

4.       Q: It may be premature to open registration for the fall.

R: The NHIAA always opens registration for the next year in May.  This allows the official to register, thus allowing the Assignor to assign the fall games in the summer.  This process will not change. 

Another note:

Spring Sport Officials Associations –

The NFHS has decided that the 2019-20 Rules will be used for 2020-21.  Therefore, the rules books that you purchased and received this year for the spring season that never happened.  Our suggestion is to save money, retain the books for next year.  Or advise your officials to retain the book that they were provided.  The NHIAA will have the ability to order additional prints of the books if needed, and we will address this as we get closer to the season, if you need them. 

Also, the NFHS has an “NFHS Rules” app.  Officials should download this app and the NHIAA will be granting access to the rulebook (for most, if not all sports) at no cost.  This access will be granted on a schedule, and the official will only have access to the rules on this app, IF they registered by the schedule date.  I will be working on a schedule and I will get this to you so that you can share with your officials. 

If there are additional questions that I can answer or address, please let me know.  Thank you. 

Have a great last week of April!!


The Executive Board will be meeting in the next few weeks and will pass on any additional information at that time.

See Below for Minutes from Spring Rules Interpretation Meeting
Here are the Minutes of our March 9, mandatory meeting with many of the links from the presentation.
If you have questions about the minutes, please contact Linda at nhwlua@gmail.com.  
All members must attend a rules interpretation to be a member in good standing and eligible to officiate this upcoming season.

Test Copy
Here is a hard copy of the test to use in preparation.  You must still submit your test on the uslacrosse website.  Visit our Yearly Testing page for directions to submit your test.  The tests submission date has been extended to MONDAY, APRIL 20.  

Training for New Officials
For training of new officials please contact Jackie Driscoll at jbdrisc@comcast.net.  
Cost for the training and membership on our board is $90.  Check should be made out to NHWLUA and sent to Linda Osborne 

3 Person training will take place on Sunday, May 31 at Pinkerton Academy.  3 person training is necessary for consideration for semi-finals and finals assignments.  Contact Jackie if you are interested.

New Rules for the High School Game.
A rules interpretation explaining all the new rules will be presented at our annual meeting but prepare yourself early for the meeting and the season by previewing the new rules.  These changes promise to make the game quicker and more competitive.  

Here are some US Lacrosse links reviewing the new rules:

Here is a link to an article in US Lacrosse magazine regarding a rule change for the 2020 season:

Shooting space:  USL has posted an awesome webinar video that covers many aspects of this difficult issue - please watch and re-watch - it ties in many other important things such as movement, watching off-ball, opening up vision to see the bigger picture etc.  If you work with anyone that has questions on shooting space (or even questions from coaches) please refer them to watch this video for a more thorough explanation.

While it is hoped no one will need them here are links to NHIAA forms for Game Protest and Physical Contact: