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Welcome to the New Hampshire Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Association Website, working to keep you up-to-date with our association.  Communication to NHWLUA can be sent to nhwlua@gmail.com.

NHIAA Registration is open for the 2017-2018 season - message from NHIAA:
Welcome to the 2017-18 season, registration is open and is just as easy as last year. The cost for registration is $65.00 per YEAR regardless of the number of sports you officiate. To register select NHIAA Central Hub from your “switch views menu” at the top right in Arbiter. Please select ALL sports you plan to officiate during your initial registration.  If you are not officiating the unified games – DO NOT REGISTER for them.  

Members attending the D2 and D3 finals on June 8 - NHWLUA honored Alison with a presentation between games. 

Key take-a-ways from 2017 general meeting:

USL tests were due by March 26 - send results to our interpreter Libby Mongoen ( lmongeon@newmarketinc.com ).

NHIAA is allowing lacrosse balls for 2017 that only have the NOCSAE marking and do not have the NFHS marking.  This IS allowed under NFHS rules i.e. each state is allowed to override certain portions of the NFHS rulebook.

NHIAA - game is to be played in HALVES.  If, for example, JV coaches agree to have just 20 minutes of playtime then do it as TWO 10-minute HALVES.

Get in shape!  40% of rating score is based on fitness/movement.  This is a running game - we need to be able to keep up with play.

For those interested in attending the US LAX convention or other approved trainings, there are some scholarships funds available.  To apply for these, please email NHWLUA@gmail.com with the training opportunity, costs incurred and a brief paragraph describing how you feel this training will benefit your officiating skills.  This information will then go to the Executive Board and if approved partial reimbursement (somewhere between $100-$250, depending on the number of applications) may be awarded. 
In addition anyone interested in college officiating, this information has just been received from the COA:
The first step an official with a Local rating must take in order to work at the college level is to attend a CWLOA (commonly called the COA) Transitional Clinic. These are available to any official who holds an L3 or L2 rating. 

Illegal stringing examples below:  shooting string not directly attached to sidewall and pocket stringing with too much space (>1.5in) between attachments: