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Welcome to the New Hampshire Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Association Website, working to keep you up-to-date with our association.  Communication to NHWLUA can be sent to nhwlua@gmail.com.

Shooting space:  USL has posted an awesome webinar video that covers many aspects of this difficult issue - please watch and re-watch - it ties in many other important things such as movement, watching off-ball, opening up vision to see the bigger picture etc.  If you work with anyone that has questions on shooting space (or even questions from coaches) please refer them to watch this video for a more thorough explanation.

Interesting read - about sportswriters invited to officiate a SEC springtime college football game.  While it is football, it shows the difficulty officials face in general - having to watch so many things and trusting their partners to communicate key pieces of information to get the call right.   One particular entry in the long article caught my eye and, while seemingly small, applies nicely to us WLAX officials - it refers to needing to get the ball back in play in a timely manner but also so that the other official can handle the ball easily "... because we look like idiots if the umpire has to chase a ball ...".   There is nothing in the WLAX rulebook or manual about how to get the ball back to your partner after a goal and yet we know when we work with someone that does a nice job with this versus someone that has trouble with it.   While it is a small thing, being able to get the ball back to your partner cleanly, quickly, without hitting players, so the partner can easily handle it helps the whole officiating team look good.

Messages from supervisor Kathleen Smith:

Here are just a few things to keep in mind as the season progresses.

- Length of game for V is two 25-minute halves. JV length is two 20 minute halves. From NHIAA Handbook:

  Girls varsity and sub-varsity will have 25 minute halves. During back to back games the varsity will have 25 minute halves and the sub-varsity will have 20 minute halves; upon mutual agreement the sub-varsity halves may be reduced to a minimum of ten minutes each with a five (5) minutes intermission. A full sub-varsity rate shall be paid regardless of length of game time. (CM 11.2015  

Here is the link to the Girls' Lacrosse section of the NHIAA Handbook

If a coach has a comment about an official - positive or negative - the protocol is for the coach to inform the AD, then the AD contacts the Supervisor. FYI I have not received any messages from any AD this season. 

The dots are part of the CSA. No self-start is permitted from them.

- Manage your game by helping the girls with the new rules. Enforce infractions, of course, but try not to be punitive. They are learning them, too. When self-start became a rule in the college game, it took almost a full season before the players were at ease with the rule.

As always, I am here to advocate for you and our organization.

See you on the field,

This is a reminder for what needs to be reported to me when you give a RED card to a PLAYER, or a YELLOW CARD to a COACH.

This list of required information is taken directly from the NHIAA DQ form:

Disqualified Athlete's/Coach's School
Level of Play
Opposing School
Date of Incident
Name of Athlete/Coach
Uniform Number
Reason for Disqualification
Official who Issued Card

Please call me  - (Phone# in arbiter)) - the SAME DAY the incident occurs. It is OK to leave a voicemail.
FOLLOW UP with an email  - (email address in arbiter) - that CLEARLY provides the required information. Please feel free to elaborate as  much as you see fit. I'd rather have more information than less.

Thanks for paying attention to this.

Enjoy the warmer weather,

While it is hoped no one will need them here are links to NHIAA forms for Game Protest and Physical Contact:

Yearly test is past due - see the Yearly Testing page for details on how to take the test and to whom to send results.

This year dues are $68, the equivalent of a JV fee.  
This increase has come about for a few reason including bringing us more in line with other official's organization and their fee structure.  In addition we have lost significant funding over the last couple years from other LAX organizations, whose budget does not allow them to contribute as they once did.  In order for us to continue to offer the services we do including training, ratings and scholarships, the board voted to increase our dues to a JV fee, which is $68 this year.  
Your dues should be mailed to 
NHWLUA, c/o Linda Osborne, 7 Elm Dr., Hampton, NH  03842

Remember that 60% of the rating score is based on fitness/positioning.

Review the rule changes/updates/clarifications ( https://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/girls-rules ) 

Review the rating form (even if you are not re-rating this year) - it lists out the skills we should all be striving to improve on - no matter your current level there is always room for improvement ( Level 1 and 2 Rating Form )