National G M Management Board

The Science and Management of GM and other Forest Pests

Welcome to the NGMMB! We appreciate you visiting our site. Among other things, we host the ALDR and invite you to attend! You can also Like us on Facebook so that you can receive information about upcoming reviews.

NOTE: There is a move to change the common name of gypsy moth to another acceptable name. We are working with our counter-parts in this process. We will then update our name once a name is finalized.

The state of Minnesota has offered to host the 2022 ALDR. Hopefully, COVID has settled to allow us to meet in person! Please make plans to attend! The Review dates are scheduled for November 1-3, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

NGMMB Executive Committee - 2022

David Adkins, Ohio Dept. of Agriculture – Dr. Christopher Foelker - WI Dept. of Agriculture – Vice Carl Harper, University of Kentucky – EX Nancy Johnson, IL Dept. of Agriculture – Secretary / Dr. Ksenia Onufrieva, Virginia Tech University – Member Jacques Dugal, Valent BioScience – Member
John Kyhl, USDA Forest Service – State & Private Tiffany Pahs, WA Dept. of Agriculture – Director at Sarah Phipps, Missouri Dept. of Agriculture – Director at Large - Awards Committee
Allison Ballantyne, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Director at Large
Rosalee Knipp- Missouri Dept. of Agriculture – Director at Large