Chili with Paintings
Tiger Lilies - Acrylic
Rocky Mountain High -  Acrylic
Aspen on Storm Pass Trail - Acrylic
Arch Cape - Acrylic
Got Books!  Acrylic

Nature inspires my paintings with acrylic and watercolor paint.  As an artist and art educator, I love the joy of creating art and sharing it with others.  Art allows me to freeze time, keep a memory and share the beauty of nature with the viewer.  As an artist, I am captivated by colors, lavish with brush strokes and excited by contrast and texture.  The Colorado landscape and vacation locations inspire me.
Many artists have inspired my artistic journey including, Herb Thomson, Chuck Ceraso, Arleta Pech, William Hook, Stephen Quiller, Marc Hanson, Mary Morrison, Colleen Tucker, Carol Nelson, Victoria Kwasinski & more.

Changing Course - Acrylic
Poppy Garden - Acrylic
Waterfall Layers - Abstraction - Acrylic

Waterfall near Diamond Lake - Mixed Media