Nathaniel Poor, PhD, is a communication researcher who studies how people use electronic forms of communication, which means newer forms like the internet but also older ones like the telegraph. Studying how people use the internet, and mobiles, and electronic games, means studying social, technological, historical, and legal issues. Maybe it's quantitative, maybe it's qualitative. Maybe it's computational social sciences, maybe it's interviews and participant observer. Previously in Brooklyn, NY, he is now in Cambridge, MA.

When not writing about himself in the third person, he continues his research and has to explain to people that no, he really didn't like teaching and that's why he is an independent researcher, it's not that he couldn't get an academic job. That's a long story, and most people don't understand it at first -- if you have a PhD, you must love teaching. I don't like teaching (and no one likes grading), but I like everything else about it.

My current and previous research can be found with the "Papers" link in the left column, which is really why I made this page (I didn't like how Blogspot did it, even though Blogspot and this are both Google products). As with most paper pages, it is probably out of date, especially what with Google Scholar doing it for us to some extent.

When in NYC, Nat works out of Civic Hall in Manhattan's Flatiron district.

In 2015, he founded the Underwood Institute, a 501(c)3 devoted towards helping both researchers and practitioners in the data for good and code for good space. 

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