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A listing of Communication Studies and Information Systems themed conferences. Note that all dates (submission especially) change from time to time, and I am not going to cyberstalk every conference to make sure the dates are specified to the day every year. For example, one year the submission date for CSCW was June 1, the following year it was May 31--in the larger scheme of things, those are equal, but "May" gives a different impression than does "June". Sometimes ICA is on Memorial Day in late May, other years it is a few weeks later in June. If you are interested in a conference, plan ahead and check out the dates.

Note that Google allows you to sort the conferences by both submission date and conference date, which is really handy for planning. It's the "Sort" there at the top of whichever column you want to sort on.

Also, a nice listing of CHI conferences by the CHI people:

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ConferenceSubmission DateConference DateURLDescriptionEx. Hashtag
ConferenceSubmission DateConference DateURLDescriptionEx. Hashtag
4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) Varies Varies   
AEJMC 03 (March-April) 08 (Aug) Mass Comm  
AoIR 03 (March) 10 (Oct) Internet  
ASA (CITAMS) 01 (Jan) 08 (Aug) Comm/Soc #asa13 (2013) 
BEA  04 (April) Comm, part of NAB  
CaTaC 03 (March) 06 (June) Culture, Tech, Comm; biannual.  
CCS 03 (March) 09 (September) Conference on Complex Systems  
CeDEM 12 (Dec) 05 (May) Conference on eDemocracy (European).  
CHI 09 (Sept) 04 (April - May) ACM  
CHI Play 04 (April) 10 (October) CHI but games spinoff  
CompleNet Complex networks  
CSCW  10-11 (Oct-Nov) ACM #cscw2014 
C & T  06 (June - July) Every 2 yrs, no main URL.  
DiGRA 01 (Jan) 08 (Aug-Sep) Games (bi-annual), date varies.  
ECREA 02 (Feb) 10 (Oct - Nov) (Int'l)  
FDG 12 (Dec) 05 (May - June) Games, no main URL.  
GDC 08 - 10 (Aug-Oct) 03 (March) Games Dev Conf, mostly professional  
Group 02 (Feb) 11 (Nov) ACM, bi-annual  
HICSS 06-15 (June) 01 (Jan) IEEE, Hawaii! #hicss 
IAMCR 01 (Jan) 06 (June - July) Comm (Int'l)  
IC2S2 03 (March) 07 (July) Computational social science #ic2s2 
ICA 11-01 (Nov) 05 (May - June) Comm #ica13 (2013) 
iConference 09 (Sept) 03 (March) Info Schools #iconf16 
ICWSM 01 (Jan - Feb) 05 (May - July, varies) AAAI #icwsm 
KDD  08 (Aug) ACM, big data  
LANET 03 (March) 09 (September) Latin American Conference on Complex Networks  
NCA 03 (March) 11 (Nov) Comm (US)  
NetSci 01 (January) 06 (June) Network science  
PCA/ACA 10 (Oct) 03 (March) Pop Culture/American Culture  
SocInfo 07 (July) 11 (Nov) Social Informatics  
Sunbelt  Varies SNA, dates vary #sunbelt14 
TPRC 03 (March) 09 (Sept) Telecom Policy  
Web Science 02 (Feb) 05 (May) ACM, unique URL every year  #websci16 
WWW  04-05 (April May)   
Showing 35 items