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The words "Okla Chito" are taken from the Choctaw Language......

(Okla - People) (Chito - Big)

Big People, Tall People, Tall Ones.... can and have been used by Native People for hundreds of years...

Why Report a Bigfoot Sighting to the NOBRO? 

Believe it or not, more Bigfoot Sightings go unreported rather than reported.  The reason for these missed reports vary from fear of ridicule, doubting them self of what they witnessed, to PTSD.  As this happens, the NOBRO loses an opportunity to gain valuable information that otherwise could’ve been entered into our new and growing database. In some situations, 2 Bigfoot reports come in on the same day but from 2 different counties. Chances are, this could be the same Bigfoot traveling through the region. Our goal, at the NOBRO, is to track these Bigfoot reports by region or districts. We have divided the state of Oklahoma into 4 different districts: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast.  Please, don’t let your sighting go unreported. Help us on our journey to track these creatures. Join our search! 


The Honobia Bigfoot Conference & Festival 2021

Troy Hudson: Founder of the Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization 

Bigfoot on Native Land with Troy Hudson

Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization 

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