2017 Popcorn Program

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents.  If we can increase our fundraising efforts, we hope to be able to offset more costs of Scouting for everyone. Some Packs earn enough selling popcorn to pay for all costs of Scouting every year, including Den dues and outings as well as all costs of Pack overnight and camping events. Here is a just a small sampling of the previous and/or potential activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:

  •  Pinewood derby kits, trophies, track, etc
  •  Blue & Gold Picnic
  •  Scout patches, badges and recognition awards
  •  Offsetting costs of overnights
  •  Pack T-shirts, Neckerchiefs, Slides and Handbooks
  •  Pack meeting activities

Benefits to Your Scout and Family include:

  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards including gift cards and prizes (details in Resources section below)
  • Scouts can earn their way to an adventure at a Pack Sleepover

Basics / Need to Know:

If you are a parent with a new scout, it is easy and fun for you and your scout to participate. Most scouts easily achieve $350+ in sales to earn 3 or more prizes, have fun with their fellow scouts, and greatly help the pack by doing two things:

  1. Pack Show & Sell (participate for 2-3+ hours)
    • At a local area business, the pack gets permission to set up a table with popcorn to sell directly to the public.
    • Scouts who attend "split" the sales for the entire session based on the portion of hours contributed.
    • Scouts wear their uniform
    • Selling in a group with leaders and Scouts that have "done it before" is a good training ground for new Scouts. 
    • Simply volunteer for times / dates that work for you (below and to the right).
  2. Take Order - Friends & Family
    • Coach you scout to ask friends & family to support him.
    • Your scout takes orders on a form for the different varieties of popcorn and then deliver them to their customers. When the order is taken, the scout collects payment. The forms and payment are turned in and one unit order is made. The popcorn is picked up by the unit popcorn kernel and distributed to the boys who made sales.
    • Order forms can be picked up at the scout meeting. You can download an order form from the Resources section below.
    • Note the important dates ... you need to complete this prior to the end of the month.

More Advanced / Other Ways to Sell:

Many older scouts get motivated and set goals to achieve a certain prize tier (i.e. $700 for private screening to the "The Last Jedi" or $1000 for a free ticket to the Boston Celtics)  or recognition (i.e. top seller in a den or for the pack). Again, the key thing is to review the prizes (details below in the Resources section) and after looking at the additional ideas below determine the most efficient means to achieve your scouts goal base on your time and schedule. Additional means other scouts have used in the past:

  1. Additional Hours at a Pack Show & Sell
    • You can sign up for multiple Show & Sells
  2. Take Order - Door to Door
    • Scouts go door to door with their popcorn brochure. Customers write their order on the form. Scout delivers product in a few weeks.
    • The Scout with his Akela goes door to door with a Take Order Form. 
    • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects the money.
    • The Scout processes the order and delivers the Popcorn to the Customer in a few weeks.
    • Don't forget businesses often like to reward their best customers. Suggest that the customers might really appreciate that the business supports Scouting when the business rewards them with Scouting Popcorn! 
  3. Take & Deliver
    • Identical to Take Order - Door to Door but different in one crucial way - The Scout carries Trail's End Popcorn with him (in a wagon, van or car) and is able to fulfill the customer's popcorn order right away.
    • The Scout requests popcorn on consignment (variety could vary).
    • He sells what he can and returns the rest with the payment for what has been sold
  4. Take Order - Selling at Work
    • Mom and/or Dad take an order form to their work.
    • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form.
    • Mom and/or Dad deliver product and collect the money in a few weeks.
    • (It is best to collect the money upfront when possible)
    • Individual microwave popcorn sells really well, especially when someone pops it in the microwave at work and the scent makes everyone hungry for popcorn! A small sign next to the microwave telling people where they can buy some of their own is very effective.
  5. Scouts can also create their own Show and Sell 
    • By reaching out to local businesses and getting permission to set up a table for sales.  If you do, be sure to let us know.  We're happy to help you help us by coordinating other Scout's participation and providing the popcorn!
  6. Online Account - Selling Online
    • Create an account at sell.trails-end.com.

      • Scout (with the help of parents) set-up an online account to take orders, at Scout Online Account Registration be sure to register Pack 22, we are Mayflower Council, Powder Keg District, Pack 0022 - Amvets Post 79.
    • You'll be provided a link which can be used for remote sales (sent to relatives, remote friends, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

    • Popcorn is shipped directly, and you will get the credit for the sale!

  7. Online Account - Remote Friends & Family
    • Create an account at sell.trails-end.com.

      • The Scout communicates his Order Key via email, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The Customer can go online and purchase popcorn with a Credit Card  at Support A Scout
      • The Product is shipped directly from Trail’s End to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.
    Need more ideas? Some scouts (and future businessmen) have set very aggressive goals and have sold $25,000+ and even as much as $30,000 or more - by themselves!


              Important Dates

              NOW                    Kick-off, and we are selling though 10/27 (no exceptions)

              9/16                    Popcorn ready for Show’N’Delivers (neighborhood walks) and Show’N’Sells

              9/8                      Extra forms at the September Pack Meeting

              10/27                  Take Order Form, Payment, & Prize Order Forms due - NO EXCEPTIONS

              11/18                  Take Order Popcorn pick up

              Upcoming Show & Sells

              9/23 Sat 10-2pm        Natick Outdoor Store

              10/1 Sun 9-1pm         Station 5

              10/8 Sun 10-3pm       Dunkin Donuts

              10/9 Mon 10-3pm       Dunkin Donuts

              10/13 Fri 4-8pm         Stop & Shop

              10/22 Sun 10-4pm     Roche Brothers


              Sales Goals:

              Below are the goals Scouts should strive for...

        • Tiger and Lion Cubs
          • $150.00 Scout
        • Wolf Cubs
          • $250.00 / Scout 
        •  Bear Cubs
          • $300.00 / Scout
        • Webelos
          • $350.00 Scout



              There are 14 prize tiers starting from $25, $115, $225, $350, and on to $5,000. A scout will use the total for all orders (Show & Sell split, Take Orders, & Online Orders) to determine the prize tier. A scout then chooses the prize from that tier or a combination of lower tiers. Details and prize ordering sheet here

              In addition to the 14 prize tiers above, there are bonus tiers that your scout can achieve (only Show & Sell split, Take Orders count toward these) . They are:

        • $700 Seller Club
          • Every Scout who sells $700 or more in popcorn will be invited to a private screening of “THE LAST JEDI” on opening weekend (Ticket, Popcorn, Drink, Snack will be provided). Scheduled for: December 16th 9:00 am. AMC Theater, Framingham, MA. (discounted ticket package will be available for parents and siblings). You will also have the opportunity to purchase a discounted ticket for our popcorn night with the Boston Celtics.
        • $850 Seller Club
          • Every Scout who sells $850 or more in popcorn will be invited to a very special BIG SPIN TO WIN celebration in January 2018 – Location TBD. For every $850 the scout sells he will be able to spin the wheel for some great prizes. FREE event for Scout and family.
        • $1,000 Seller Club
          • Every Scout who sells $1,000 will receive a free ticket to our popcorn night with the Boston Celtics, exclusive Boston Celtics $1,000 Seller patch and early entrance to watch the Celtics warm-up.
          • Top 40 Sellers Bonus
            • Top Council Seller will receive 2 Premium Tickets to the Celtics game, on court photo pregame, your name on the Jumbo Tron
          • Top Seller 2 thru 15 at the Celtics game will get to participate as Anthem Buddies
          • Top Seller 16 thru 40 at the Celtics game will get to participate in the Half Time High Five Kids Tunnel
        • $1,500 Club
          • Every Scout who sells $1,500 or more in popcorn will receive a $50 Target, Amazon.com, Walmart or a $100 Council 251 Summer Camp Experience gift card.
        • $2,000 PowerSeller Club
          • Every Scout who sells $2,000 or more will receive a $100 Target, Amazon.com, Walmart or $200 Council 251 Summer Camp Experience gift card.
        • $2,500 PowerSeller

               Finally, if the pack sells at least $15,000 (all boys combined) we will earn a Ice Cream party for the Pack.

              Order Forms:
              Take Order Form
              Prize Order Form
              Selling Resources:

      Parent Action Items

      Popcorn Sales Begin
      September 5

      Take Order & Prize Order Forms & Payment Due & unsold Show n Sell popcorn must be returned
      October 27

      Successful Selling Ideas from Scouts

      Wear your uniform and bring popcorn and order forms whenever you think you might have an impromptu opportunity to sell.

      Scouts can set up Show n Sells and let the Popcorn Kernel know if they would like other Scouts to help. We'll put it on the signup sheet and send out emails alerting other Scouts

      You can also take orders at any Show n Sell

      Parents can help their Scouts to log in to the popcorn site and send links to invite distant friends and relatives to help support their scouting

      Check with your place of worship to find out if you can sell popcorn in front of the building after service.

      Ask at businesses you or your parents regularly patronize if they would like to support your scouting by buying popcorn.

      If there are multiple stores in a shopping center, there may be multiple opportunities for sales or a Show and Sell

      Outside the train stations - Friday afternoons (payday!) may be worthwhile. Or take orders anytime