Detail from cover art of Narlan Matos' Antología poética bilingüe, by legendary Spanish poet and artist Juan Carlos Mestre.


"the best poet of the young generation" - Waly Salomão

"a breath of fresh air" - Robert Creeley

"Dear brother, I bless you. You are a true poet, not only for your verses but also for your character" - Yevgeny Yevtushenko

"The first poems pleased me and encouraged me to continue reading.... There is no doubt that this is the book of a poet, and that is what matters" - Ferreira Gullar

"What impressed me the poetry of Narlan Matos Teixeira was his consummate art of dealing with the word, his servant and his accomplice, in the creation of unexpectedly beautiful things, hard to find every day." - Herberto Sales

Review by Adenilson de Barros de Albuquerque [Portuguese]

Review by Dr. Jorge de Souza Araujo [Portuguese]