Poet | Musician | Brazilian Cultural Specialist

Detail from artwork in Narlan Matos' Antología poética bilingüe, by legendary Spanish poet and artist Juan Carlos Mestre.


2020: Sarao no Pátio das Flores, a recitation of Narlan's poetry by Luiz Caldas, released. Listen here!

2017: Narlan organized and led the first delegation of US Poets to Cuba.

2017: Narlan's book Antología poética bilingüe was published in Spain.

2016: Croatian National Radio presented a program about Narlan's life and poetry

2014: Legendary Italian Poetry journal, Poesia, dedicates thirteen pages to Narlan's life and poetry.

2013: Narlan Matos was an Invited Participant at the Södermalms Poesifestival in Stockholm, Sweden

2012: Narlan Matos represented Brazil at the Bilingual reading at Druskininkai International Fall Poetic Festival - Video1 - Video2

2011: Narlan Matos participates in “Com a Palavra o Escritor” (Word with the Writer) Program at the Jorge Amado House Foundation. Story in Portuguese.

2011: Narlan Matos becomes a member of the Jequié Academy of Letters. Story in Portuguese.


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