Nairn & District Beekeepers Association

The Association

Nairn Beekeepers is an Association of new and experienced beekeepers mostly based in Nairn and Nairnshire. We have about 90 members and meetings are held throughout the year. Evening talks and visits to members' apiaries are held as well as practical demonstrations and training sessions. Advice is always available on beekeeping matters and training sessions for both beginner and more experienced beekeepers are held during the year. Mentoring is offered to beginners. Junior members are encouraged to take part in the activities of the Association. The Association Honey Show is held each year as part of the Nairnshire Farming Society's annual Show.

The annual subscription is adults £10 - juniors ( 19 and under ) nil.

Meetings and events

Tuesday 5th of March

Lead Government Bee Diseases officer, Steve Sunderland

'Bee Health'

At Cawdor Community Centre at 7.30pm

Swarm collection

For information on honeybee Swarm collection please contact anyone on the Swarm collectors list -

please press


There are many learning opportunities available in the Nairn area.

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