V5/KT6Q EME from Namibia

The organizer and primary sponsor of the DXpedition was Dan, HB9CRQ who is the backbone of the well-known HB9Q EME station and without Dan's vision and support the entire DXpedition would be a non-starter. Other major contributors to the preparations have been Dick, ZS6BUN who arranged for construction of the trailer-mounted 144 MHz EME array and Pine, ZS6OB who has invested countless hours of his time in the assembly, tuning and testing of the antenna arrays..

Our V5 EME operation concentrated on 144, 432, and 1296 MHz. Limited operation on 50 MHz EME plans were thwarted when teh crank up tower collapsed as it was being tilted up, destroying the 50 MHz EME antenna along with the primary tropo antenna.

The EME callsign was V5 / KT6Q.

  • 144 MHz   -   4 x M2 2M9SSB yagis mounted on the trailer with az/el rotators, IC-910H, 400W TE amplifier and ARR preamp.
  • 432 MHz   -   8 x M2 432EME-12 yagis on a low tower manually rotated, IC-910H, 180W TE amplifier and ARR preamp.
  • 1296 MHz -  1x59el yagi (21wl) and 80W (Transverter and PA by DJ9YW), IC-706 Mk II, no preamp.
The operators were HB9CRQ Dan, ZS6OB Pine, ZS6WB Hal, ZS6HR Daniel, and N7BHC Dave
The HB9Q web page for the V5/KT6Q operation has additional news.

EME QSL: HB9Q, P. O. Box 133, CH-5737 Menziken, Switzerland.
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