"2 Bucks a Truck"

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"Two Bucks a Truck"
How big is your fleet?  Our invoice charge is 2 times that, in dollars, at the end of month 1, to get started.
($25/month minimum)

Here's what you get:
Driver Search
Driver Match

You say yes, and we invoice monthly - starting at the end of month 1.

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Allow us to place our stickers on your trailers and get a 50% immediate discount on the monthly rate!
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Members who already carry our brand:
 Royal Trucking, Cornerstone Transportation, Terrill Transportation,
AC Trucking, Smartway Express, Green Valley Transportation, Teocal Transport, Paul's Express, Opti, Transport Xpress, Scott Bagala Transportation, Valencia Bros Trucking, GTW Trucking, Dreisbach Enterprises, Expressway TransportGAN-TRANS, Numark Transportation, Khalsa Transport, C.H.I., Reliance Intermodal, Pledge Transport, Haines Transportation, JAG Trucking, Joe's Logistics,
Konan Transport, Dehal Trucking, Bay Transport, Bulldog Freightways, Market Express Transportation, Intrade Industries, Timex Express, White Hawk, American Freight, Reliable Liquid Transport...

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www.mytruckjob.com or 925.519.4474

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Or, do you have your own decals provider? The banner stickers are 4 inches tall and 40 inches wide. Text style is Arial, italicized, and underlined - MyTruckJob.com - just like the picture above. Get it done and let us know. We'll verify that the stickers are on and get you set up. It's easy.

"This is not about SEO or CPC, or marketing campaigns and advertising spend in every conceivable media, it's not about the newest offerings from Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. This is new old school. It's about getting your recruiter on the phone with a qualified candidate, who is interested in your company, when the candidate is considering a change. It's simple."
Stan Johnsen, Founder, MyTruckJob.com

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