Let's grow our Talent Reach
1. Finding driver candidates is getting more difficult and freight demands are growing.
2. You can take action now and join our effort.
3. Working together, we surface candidates, start conversations, and fill seats.
4. You can explore our website, use the tools, and you can find candidates right now.
5. Everyone loses in a spending war, so let's change the battlefield: Let's be the media.

MyTruckJob.com is an employment matching platform for the trucking business. The web service is focused on managing driver employment inquiries, and we have sales, technical, and office jobs capabilities too.

Our tools help you target, filter, and communicate quickly with candidates that can address your growing fleet needs.  The website software screens unwanted inquiries, and recommends good matches for your firm - alerting you and bringing you into the conversation, all over email.  For the most part, your participation with MyTruckJob.com works in community with other members and cuts your individual advertising spend for new talent; but we have also just released our new TruckButler.com service to help you bolster your own driver referral effort, and we are busy launching MyTruckAgent.com to approach non-member drivers in the field.  It's all included.

Some choices for you:

1.  Subscribe to our monthly software services - it's only about $1/driver in your current fleet.  Or, join the current 35 members who place MyTruckJob.com stickers on their trailers (about 3000 trailersides today) and help generate applicant flow to the system; applying our "Sticker" to your trailers means you don't pay us a dime for the software services.

2.  You can additionally subscribe to our low cost, monthly "Farming" service and we will run the system for you. We will optimize your presence on the system and use the system in your stead so that the end product of qualified driver candidates who want to talk to your company simply land in your email box.  This pricing is the same format as above - and we also will use these funds to directly advertise in your geographies of interest.

(To  subscribe you will need to have or create a simple PayPal account - then you can use your card as normal.)

Members: Royal Trucking, Cornerstone Transportation, Terrill Transportation, AC Trucking,
Smartway Express, Green Valley Transportation, Teocal Transport, Paul's Express, Opti, Transport Xpress, Scott Bagala Transportation, Valencia Bros Trucking, GTW Trucking, Dreisbach Enterprises, Expressway TransportGAN-TRANS, Numark Transportation, Khalsa Transport, C.H. I., Reliance Intermodal, Pledge Transport, Haines Transportation, JAG Trucking, Joe's Logistics,
Konan Transport, Dehal Trucking, Bay Transport, Bulldog Freightways, Market Express Transportation, Intrade Industries, Timex Express, White Hawk, American Freight, Reliable Liquid Transport,
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Contact us at MyTruckJob.com today if you have questions!
www.mytruckjob.com or 925.519.4474

Want to move faster? Just call Websticker.com and ask for Chris DeRienzo (802) 253-2011 and purchase enough of the MyTruckJob.com stickers to address your trailer fleet.

Do you have your own decals provider? The banner stickers are 4 inches tall and 40 inches wide. Text style is Arial, italicized, and underlined - MyTruckJob.com - just like the picture above. Get it done and let us know. We'll verify that the stickers are on and get you set up. It's easy.

"This is not about SEO or CPC, or marketing campaigns and advertising spend in every conceivable media, it's not about the newest offerings from Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. This is new old school. It's about getting your recruiter on the phone with a qualified candidate when the candidate is considering a change. It's simple."
Stan Johnsen, Founder, MyTruckJob.com

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