When I first began creating mosaics close to fifteen years ago, I knew I’d finally found the medium that best suited my artistic sensibilities, it not only allowed me to incorporate glass and mixed media materials, but it also incorporated the sense of touch. The later was a revelation to me...I’m always incredibly frustrated when visiting art museums that touching the art is strictly prohibited! How else is one supposed to feel the emotion behind the layers of paint? The excitement felt when cutting glass and porcelain? 

Though my work is mainly done with stained glass, I enjoy creating sustainable “green” work using up-cycled, discarded, and lost materials. I also like to include natural materials found on our island home and in our travels.  My husband swears that someday I’m going to get run over because I’m always looking down to see what someone may have dropped or lost!  My work is very colorful and is inspired by my love for birds, cats, the ocean, and where we live at the time, however as with all artists, changes depending upon my current inspiration. I run my business, Mystic Mosaics Studios, out of my studio on Saint Simons Island, I design, create and install functional and custom artwork for clients ranging from individuals, small businesses to non-profit organizations. I teach the art of mosaics and felting in private and group classes/workshops at local and regional art centers, and in my own studio. I enjoy teaching almost as much as I do creating as it allows me to not only share my knowledge and skills, but see the medium through new eyes. There are times I learn almost as much from my students as they do from me, and they inspire me to learn and stretch my own artistic wings. Over the last few years my work has expanded to include fiber art which includes: felt mosaics whereby individual pieces of felt are hand-cut and hand-embroidered, needle felted sculptures/artwork, as well as a line of artisan felt pet toys.

My work has been published in Mosaic Art 2-5, an international portfolio of contemporary mosaic art, has been featured in newspaper articles across the country, and an artist’s profile done on public TV in Lake County, FL. I’ve participated in many community projects across the U.S. including, Doctors without Borders, the Orlando Literacy League, St. John’s Providence Park Hospital, Calusa Nature Center, The Family Place (home for battered & abused women/children), and many others.

Being born and mostly raised near the Gulf of Mexico I enjoy walking the beach collecting shells, driftwood and discarded items, I’m a lifelong cat person, I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. My husband and I are “foodies”, we love going to farmers’ markets, cooking together and recipe hunting. A native Floridian, I currently reside with my husband and our two cats, Loki and Ziggy, on Saint Simons Island, GA.


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