About the Artist
My personal work is eclectic and draws inspiration from many places; my passion for the Asian and Mexican cultures, tattoo flash,
textile patterns, interesting combinations of words or phrases, architectural salvage, as well as things I see in my every day life
(hey, I live on an island with amazing beaches...what better place is there?!)
They all help to create the color palette, patterns and texture in my work.  Many of the images I create are intended to evoke
personal strength and/or empowerment, and others are created strictly for their whimsy.
Art is my passion and my life, and as I grow and change so does my work.
I specialize in high quality, original residential and commerical mosaic artwork, and my work can be found in private
residences, commercial, and retail spaces.  My work is very detailed, and the materials I work with are mainly stained glass,
vitreous tile, mirror, glass, stone, and found or upcycled objects.
I also work with felt and fibers using embroidery, needle felting and wet felting techniques to create
home decor, ornaments, jewelry, and wedding decor, gifts, and favors.
My work has been featured in many printed and on-line publications, as well as
on local network broacasting. 

All designs Copyright © protected 2004-2013 by Mystic Mosaics by Cindy