I have wanted to build my own airplane since I was young...which prompted me to get my license at 18...and which prompted me to get a degree in aerospace engineering and a career as an engineer for the air force (civil service).

I basically quit flying when the kids started coming....now they are all out of the house.  I have also liked the KR since the early 80s.  My wife and I were visiting her son and stopped at her ex-mother-in-laws...her husband had been an avid flyer and had just recently died in his sleep.  She knew I was an airplane person and took me out to the hangar to show me the ultralights...on the way she said..."oh, he started this corvair project".  I figured I wasn't going to be the one who died in his sleep with an unfulfilled dream so the next day we went back...settled on a price...and loaded up the boxes of pieces of the corvair engine.  I finished it up recently and purchased a partially complete KR2s project that perfectly suited my needs...and away we go.

 As of 12 Sep 15...on the way to storage.

 As of 9 Sep 15...engine installed

 As of 1 Dec 2014...starting to attach canopy to front deck

 As of 18 Oct 2014...a little progress


  As of 12 Nov 2012...proof of concept of the forward deck.



  My plane as it is on 17 Sep 2012...currently working on canopy and flight controls.


As purchased in Apr 2012


 My Corvair engine...ready to find a new home on my KR2