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If you're interested in radio control (RC) Sailing as a new hobby, or have operated sailboats of any size, the Miami Valley Model Yacht Club welcomes you to visit us while we are sailing. RC sailing is unique among the RC hobbies because there are no serious crashes that require expensive repairs, and you can sail your boat for four or more hours without the need for recharging. RC sailing is relaxing if you want to sit by the pond and enjoy the graceful movement of your boat under complete control. RC sailing is exciting if you want to test your skills navigating your boat around the course and finishing before all the others.

Learning to operate an RC sailboat is easy, and involves no risk of crashing. That's why we provide "stick time" to any interested visitor. If you never sailed a boat, you can pick this up very quickly. If you are a former full-size boat skipper, then you already know how much fun sailing can be.

Check out the club CALENDAR/SCHEDULE of events and join us on a sail day. We have a full schedule of race days starting in April, and several winter meetings in the off season. If you have a different RC sailboat, bring it out, sail for fun, and meet some new friends who share your interest.

After visiting, if you're interested in joining, we’ll sign you up! Get a membership form below. If you choose to join our club there is a $15 annual membership fee. This fee covers membership cost, web site, & club racing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by visiting the CONTACT US page to send us an email.

Select here to view/print the MVMYC Membership Form (PDF document)