Welcome to MVMYC
We are American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) sanctioned Club #73 of the AMYA Region 4, Midwest Located in Dayton, Ohio

We sail every Sunday afternoon when the weather cooperates, and also have Saturday afternoon sail days twice a month.  See the CALENDAR/SCHEDULE for dates and times.   Our sailing pond is in Deer Meadow Park, 4321 Pinnacle Road, Moraine, OH.  We sail radio control model yachts that are registered classes with the American Model Yacht Association.  Racing rules for model yachts are the same as the full size boats, which are administered by the US Sailing Federation, but some of the rules are modified for our small size boats. 

We have been sailing Star 45 and Soling 1 Meter sailboats for years. In 2106 we added the V-32, and Dragon Force 65 boats. This gives new skippers a wide range of choices in size, performance, and cost.  Class rules for each one-design class ensures all boats perform the same, which means the skippers' skill determines the winner.  Some club members also own and sail other boats such as the EC12, ODOM, J Boat, Victoria, Dragon Flite 95, and Footy.  There is also one lonely tugboat that is used to retrieve escaped sailboats.

Star 45 Sailboats at our previous sailing pond in Dayton, OH

We hope you will come sail with us. On days we are not racing for club points, visitors are welcome to try one of our hot boats. Check out the gallery for some photos of Star 45 sailboats. Photos of the other fleets will be added once we start sailing this spring.

The facilities at Deer Meadow Park are excellent!  The park has provided a floating dock big enough to have multiple skippers launching and retrieving at the same time.  We also have sun shelter with picnic tables, which is great to eat lunch under or just to escape the sun.  The park has other facilities for the rest of the family to use while you sail with us, including a skate park, picnic shelters, volleyball, walking path, disc golf course, and PAR exercise system. 

MVMYC 2014-2015 Flyer Publication (needs updating)