MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISM (MAT). Muslim Holocausts and “Muslim’s Holocaust and Genocide Remembrance Day” on July 15

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on January 11, 1999. The main objective of MAT is to create awareness about the dangers of violence and terrorism (see: ).

Muslims Against Terrorism (MAT) (2005): “We do recognize and honour the victims of various genocides and holocausts including the holocaust and genocide of Jews, Christians, Aboriginals, and several other communities. However, we are very surprised that neither the Canadian media, nor any other world body recognizes the Muslim victims of various Holocausts and Genocides.

In 2002, MAT and several other Muslim organizations declared July 15 as a “Muslims Holocaust and Genocide Remembrance Day”.   

The first Holocaust against Muslims was carried out by the crusaders. On Friday, July 15, 1099 the crusaders captured Jerusalem and murdered thousands of Muslims. More than 70, 000 dead bodies of Muslim children and women were found in the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem alone.

There have been several other Holocausts and genocides of Muslims … [a detailed list provided] … We request the Canadian and international media to honour the Muslim victims of so many genocides by recognizing “Muslim’s Holocaust and Genocide Remembrance Day” on July 15.” [1].

[1]. Human Rights in Islam, “Muslim’s holocaust and genocide Remembrance Day”, 15 th July 2005: .