HASSAN, Ghali. Islamophobia, racism, violence & "The road to the Muslim Holocaust"

Ghali Hassan is an anti-racist, humanitarian Australian writer and a Global Research Contributing Editor (see: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=1915 ).


Ghali Hassan on the road to the Muslim Holocaust (2006): “The Road to the Muslim Holocaust … Tolerance is a falsehood often pronounced with difficulty in Western societies. Small countries such as Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Norway are leading the pack in the war on Muslims at home, and may be on the road to encouraging a new Holocaust against humanity.

While these countries are part of the US-led coalition, which is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqis, they have also introduced discriminate and draconian immigration laws which are specifically directed against Muslims fleeing war and economic hardship. The pretexts are always the phantom of the “War on Terror”.

Historically, Muslims have been at the receiving end of Western-Christian violence for centuries. Following the 9/11 attack on the USA, Western Europe joined the US in its anti-Muslim crusade: “We are all Americans now” united against Muslims. In this context,  9/11 is used to legitimise a new form of Western-Christian fascism. Media pundits such as Christopher Hitchens and Daniele Pipes, who support the anti-Muslim ideology are springing up like mushrooms all over the Western world. Using the cliché of “free speech”, they are fuelling a vicious and violent war against Muslims around the world.

The recent blasphemous images of Prophet Mohammed are nothing more than a campaign which promotes racism and violence.

Islam is a peaceful religion, and Muslims are not “terrorists”. The insult to Prophet Mohammed, who is revered by over a billion people around the world, has nothing to do with “free speech”. Had the Danish cartoonist shown instead George Bush and Tony Blair slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children, he would have had lost his job by now and would be condemned by the same people who are barking about “free speech”. Would any newspaper in Europe dare to discuss Europe’s strict censorship laws of discussing the Holocaust?...

During the occupation of Europe by the Wehrmacht (German forces), in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway etc. the locals were rounding up Jews, Gypsies and other folk much faster than the Nazis could handle them. And if this wasn’t enough, the so-called “neutral” countries such as Switzerland were sending fleeing refugees back to the Nazis – as they do now with Muslims in daylight – and looking after the Third Reich money in their own bank.

Do Western Europeans want to repeat history’s biggest crime against humanity? It is the duty of every civilized citizen to point a finger at any form of racism and violence against minorities. Our duty is to reject opportunist monarchs, politicians, the media, celebrities and anyone trying to manipulate the public and breed racism and violence.” [1].


[1]. Ghali Hassan, “The road to the Muslim Holocaust”, Global Research, 7 February 2006: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=1915 .